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Liquid Assets Report

"The combined total of these company estimates [with prospect & discoveries in Irish territory] is almost 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent."

— Dublin Shell to Sea's "Liquid Assets" Report

Joe Murray

"A priest in a church riven by the scandal of abuse, Fr Hegarty should be aware of the danger of averting one’s eyes from abuses in one’s own backyard. We in Afri will not join those who choose to turn their backs on the abuses currently being carried out by Shell and its security apparatus in North Mayo."

— Joe Murray - Afri

Mary Walsh

"I take issue with Pat Rabbitte dismissing us, citizens as 'these people here', when he's addressing a conference organised by Notre Dame University and being addressed by Exxon Mobil. In a way, it sums up his attitude, ignore any concerns from our community in Mayo or other Irish citizens, while telling Shell and other oil companies exactly what they want to hear".

— Mary Walsh - speaking at the Energy conference at which Pat Rabbitte was disrupted.

Unknown Protestor

"This man [Pat Rabbitte] is selling off our oil and gas while Irish people have been evicted"

— Unknown Protestor to Pat Rabbitte in Buswells hotel

Betty Schult

"This brutal change of our lives has been forced on all of us, nobody can escape the reality of what happens when a multinational succeeds in manipulating a Government, and when greed and recklessness seem to rule."

— Betty Schult - on the Occupation of the area

Nnimmo Bassey

"It will come to a point when we will be liberated and when ecological crimes will have to be rated the same as war crimes.  Ecocide has to be recognised and Shell and Government should be held liable for crimes against Mother Earth around the world"

— Nnimmo Bassey - Nigerian environmental campaiger


"Covert Camera Not in Box I-RMS 10"

— IRMS security guard as recorded in leaked IRMS notebooks

Banner at James Price Point, Australia

"Morality is doing what's right regardless of what your told

Obedience is doing what your told regardless of what is right"

— Banner protesting against the building of a Gas plant in James Price Point in Australia

James Laffey

"There is a rich irony in the events of last week.  Locals involved in the Corrib Gas protest have received criminal convictions for blocking roads.  But when Shell blocks a road it is slavishly faciltated by the local council and up to 150 gardaí - all paid for by the taxpayer."

— James Laffey - Editor of The Western People

Maura Harrington

"This tunnel boring machine means the rape of the environment and the rape of our natural resources. That Shell is using armed protection from the state means we live in a banana republic. Where you have occupation you have resistance."

— Shell to Sea spokesperson Maura Harrington