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Caoimhe Kerins

“When the Rossport 5 were in prison, Eamon Ryan stood on the street and protested with us. Since he has gone into office he has tried to disassociate himself from Shell to Sea. Now he is having charges pressed against a campaigner for peaceful and symbolic protest. It is unbelievable."

— Caoimhe Kerins - Dublin Shell to Sea

Barack Obama

"The oil companies say that they know how to handle these problems, but it turns out that they actually don't"

— Barack Obama

Eithne Tynan

"You can't trust Big Oil. The only way to ensure careful management of scarce natural resources is to keep them in state control. Anything else is treason.

Let's hope John Gormley doesn't realise this too late."

— Eithne Tynan - Sunday Tribune

George Bernard Shaw

"Truth telling is not compatible with the defence of the realm."

— George Bernard Shaw

John Gormley

“Sometimes I believe the Fine Gael party, in particular some of its newer members, is much more comfortable with the politics of Mrs Sarah Palin than those of President Barack Obama

— John "Drill, Baby, Drill" Gormley - speaking days after he signed off on Shell plans to drill on a special area of conservation

Table Human Rights Observers Report

"There were also questions on the propriety of loading the arrestees into Gardaí vans within the confines of the Shell site. The question here arises whether it is appropriate to locate Garda administration in a private business development such as Shell."

— Table Human Rights Observers Report

The Pipe The Film

"The operation was so well co-ordinated that the Gardaí operated from within the pipeline site, with An Garda Síochána’s newest and most expensive modern technology trained to identify Republican terrorists outside the compound perimeter. What they did not, could not, countenance was that the terrorists could be inside the fence! When this transpired to be true, it threatened to become so embarrassing and damaging to their credibility, that it left the Gardai with no other option but to collude in the wider cover up."

— The Pipe The Film

Twelve Councillors

"We find it totally hypocritical that a local fisherman who protests to protect his livelihood, family and environment, is serving a prison sentence while nobody has been made accountable for the incredible degree of criminal activity in the banking and financial sector which has helped to bring our economy to its knees."

— Twelve Councillors in a letter to Irish Times

Frontline Report

"... the engagement of a former County Secretary and a former Chief Superintendent gives rise to the appearance that Shell is seeking to influence those who regulate them, rather than to comply with those who regulate them."

— Front Line Human Rights Defender report written by Brian Barrington

Message to Pat

"Hang in there big man your road is a righteous one."

— Part of a message of support sent to Pat via email