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Table Human Rights Observers Report

"There were also questions on the propriety of loading the arrestees into Gardaí vans within the confines of the Shell site. The question here arises whether it is appropriate to locate Garda administration in a private business development such as Shell."

— Table Human Rights Observers Report

The Pipe The Film

"The operation was so well co-ordinated that the Gardaí operated from within the pipeline site, with An Garda Síochána’s newest and most expensive modern technology trained to identify Republican terrorists outside the compound perimeter. What they did not, could not, countenance was that the terrorists could be inside the fence! When this transpired to be true, it threatened to become so embarrassing and damaging to their credibility, that it left the Gardai with no other option but to collude in the wider cover up."

— The Pipe The Film

Twelve Councillors

"We find it totally hypocritical that a local fisherman who protests to protect his livelihood, family and environment, is serving a prison sentence while nobody has been made accountable for the incredible degree of criminal activity in the banking and financial sector which has helped to bring our economy to its knees."

— Twelve Councillors in a letter to Irish Times

Frontline Report

"... the engagement of a former County Secretary and a former Chief Superintendent gives rise to the appearance that Shell is seeking to influence those who regulate them, rather than to comply with those who regulate them."

— Front Line Human Rights Defender report written by Brian Barrington

Message to Pat

"Hang in there big man your road is a righteous one."

— Part of a message of support sent to Pat via email

Frontline Report regarding the attack on Willie Corduff

'IRMS also stated to this author that Mr Corduff was not assaulted, that he simply sat
 down and that not a finger was laid upon him. This author concludes that, in fact, he 
was set upon and kicked. Mr Corduff’s medical records diagnose him as having bruises 
from kicking. The suggestion that he simply sat down also appears to have been
 contradicted by Shell’s own briefing to The Irish Times, as well as by protester 
Superintendent Michael Larkin of Belmullet Garda station stated publicly that Mr 
Corduff “was escorted from the site and spoke to Gardaí and it was decided in the best
 interests that he be transferred to a hospital that that he complained of feeling unwell.”
  This was clearly misleading. He was not “escorted from the site.”  He was taken away
 by ambulance on a spinal board and cervical collar on a stretcher.'

— Front Line Human Rights Defender report written by Brian Barrington

Niall Harnett

“Inspector Doherty, Sgt. Butler and Garda Egan, I am not prepared to apologise for standing up to them, because they are bullies.”

— Niall Harnett - in court on the 23rd March before being sentenced to 5 month in prison

Kilcommon letter to Shell

 "[This], which effectively amounts to ongoing and escalating physical and psychological harassment - and particularly whilst Pat O'Donnell remains unjustly incarcerated - I have decided not to meet with you or any of your agents in relation to the proposed Corrib gas project for the forseeable future."

— Community of Kilcommon - From the letter of response to Shell's sham consultation

Vicky Conway

"Yes this is a clear finding that in one of the longest running protests in the State, which raises very serious questions about the disproporationate application of the law to the powerful and, legally speaking, the powerless in society, the police of our State have breached fundamental rights of the campaigners. This is not a case which should be glanced over."

— Dr. Vicky Conway - Law Lecturer on Human Rights in Ireland

Rose Conway-Walsh

"This is a complete waste of resources and scarce resources I might add when you consider that we are struggling to keep beds open in Belmullet hospital. It is a complete waste of money to bring these people to court and to keep Pat O'Donnell in jail and separated from his family."

— Councillor Rose Conway Walsh - after 25 of the 27 peoples in court had their charges dismissed or withdrawn