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Eoin's dreaded day arrives but with tons of cash

Sponsored haircut draws crowds, raises cash.
Environmental and political activist Eoin Ó Broin raised more than two thousand euro for the Rossport Solidarity Camp, by asking for sponsorship for the cutting off of his dreadlocks.
Dread Cut
The big cut happened on Grafton Street in Dublin at 3PM, and although at first the crowds were bemused and a little uncertain about what was happening, within a short time they got the idea, and soon people were more than happy to get involved in the cutting. Eoin has been walking the streets of Dublin wearing a sandwich board asking people for sponsorship for the last few days, and meeting with an overwhelmingly positive response. In general, people can see that the new report issued by the government appointed mediator doesn't deal with the main issues of safety, environmental damage, and the scandalous rip off of the state's natural resources; so they were happy to give money to help the resistance in Rossport. Many people also gave money online at, which helped to push the total up, and there were also sponsorship cards at the Sinn Féin Shop in Parnell Square, and Connolly Books, Blooms Walk, off Ormond Quay in Dublin; in Belfast at the Cultúrlann on the Falls Road and the John Hewitt on Donegall Street in the city centre, at Barracka Books, Barrack Street, Cork City; and also at Charlie Byrnes Bookshop, Middle Street, Galway. The cutting today was at a fiver a dread, and many people donated money without taking the opportunity to help out with the shearing. The barber on duty was Peter Meade, who provided his expert services free to the campaign (if you need a barber get in touch with Peter through Dublin Shell to Sea) and also thanks to the staff at Sinnotts pub who lent us a stool. Eoin gave some of his locks away, but if you'd like one, or can think of a way we could use them to make money for the campaign, give us a shout. Andy Pyle is looking for a dreadlock wig for when he goes clubbing we hear, so if he wants to make us an offer...
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You legend by Bob - Rossport Solidarity Camp/Shell to Sea Sat Jul 29, 2006 21:38
Fair play Eoin, from the expression on your face in that last photo it seems like it was a pretty traumatic experience! Hope you're not scarred for life. Seriously, thanks very much for doing it and thanks to everyone who donated. Eoin, you're a star. Oh and if you find you enjoy life as a skinhead, I can get some boots and braces for you!
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More photos by Shell to Sea Sat Jul 29, 2006 21:57
How much could Shell raise if Andy Pyle offered to cut something off?

haircut continues by Shell to Sea Sat Jul 29, 2006 22:05
Six years of growth, shorn over an hour or so...

continued haircut pics by Shell to Sea Sat Jul 29, 2006 22:14
hair kept going off, money kept coming in- Eoin got down to one dread and we auctioned it...

final cut by shell to sea Sat Jul 29, 2006 22:38
The last cut.

back view by shell to sea Sat Jul 29, 2006 22:41
He's probably going to get people telling him he needs a haircut.

- 1,000 ONLINE
- 1,500 ON STREETS

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29 July 2006 - 10:09pm