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Mediation report calls for re-routing

Shell to Sea says this will move the problem and it does not deal with the core issues and problems. This entire project needs to go back to the drawing board.
One contributor wrote:'' Well Dempsey's friend proved no friend of the majority of people in Erris. Having read the report and the list of people/groups who were consulted it was obvious that the whole thing was set-up to stem the growing support nation-wide for the SHelltoSea campain. Apart form the Rossport 5 90% of the remaing individuals and groups who Cassels deceided to meet were recognised Shell apologists. This of course was a delberate ploy by the government on behalf of Shell to spread the lie that Shell was being supported by most locals. Many of these groups/indviduals who are tiny in number are eithier directly or indirectly in the pay of Shell. The whole thing was a PR stunt from begining to end what the clincher being the fact that the Dempsey's Dept delibratly leaked the report last night toi RTE before its official unveiling this morning.
Dempsey response Report

Posted Date: 
29 July 2006 - 1:07am