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Shell to Sea Statement 26 June 2006

Thursday marks the first anniversary of the imprisonment of the Rossport Five. The issues that led to the men’s jailing remain as unresolved as ever. Despite their claims, Shell, Statoil and Marathon continue to refuse to listen to the demands of the communities directly affected by their proposed project in North Mayo. It is now clear that Shell has refused the compromise solution of an off-shore processing of the Corrib gas. The consequence is that, because they do not have the consent of those communities for their present proposal, Shell’s project cannot proceed.The resolve and determination of the communities is stronger than ever before. The willingness of the Rossport Five to go to jail last year illustrates the extent to which Shell’s project will be opposed. The campaign against that project is united and resolute and has further grown in support over the last year.It must be emphasised once again that the Shell to Sea campaign favours exploiting Ireland’s natural gas reserves. In addition, we support in principle the development of the Corrib gas project. However, we want to see the benefits of this project better secured for the country as a whole and, more particularly, for County Mayo. Crucially, we also want to ensure the very highest standards of health and safety. The key determiners of that standard are the people to be directly effected. As the recent Irish Times poll showed, opposition to Shell’s project is backed by the large majority of the Irish people. It is time for Shell and the government to listen to the people and completely reconfigure this project.To commemorate the imprisonment a number of events will take place next Thursday. There will be a wreath laying ceremony at the grave of Michael Davitt in Straide at 1 pm. A cavalcade of cars will then travel to Glengad, Rossport and Bellanaboy. At 3 pm there will be a barbeque at Bellanaboy followed by music. All are welcome to attend these events. Prior to the ceremony at Straide, a letter of protest will be handed in to Mayo County Council regarding their failure to adequately supervise Shell’s activities in North Mayo.
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Posted Date: 
25 June 2006 - 8:10pm