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[rossportsolidaritycamp] Update fri. 24/03/06

Hey folks, Just a quick update on the camp.Today we had a visit from The National Parks and Wildlife . They dropped by the camp to see what impact we're havinon the local environment. They did not stay very long but said theywe're satisfied with what they saw and said they had to write up areport for their superiors. Shortly after they left our friendlyneighbourhood Gardai dropped by for light refreshments andconversation. Finding nothing to fault on site they left, but notbefore requesting the drivers license and insurance of someone onsite. Although we are doing our utmost not to have a lasting effect onthe area we are camped in ( see is a Special Area of Conservation ( ), and therelevant bodies it seems see us as a bigger threat to the area than apipeline and refinery that stands to pollute the entire Broadhaven Baynot to mention other S.A.C.'s i.e. Carrowmore lake ( ) . Really, this email is a heads up to all you good folk out there;they are being all civil with us now, but the time may/will come whenthey look to remove the camp. We will need more bodies on site if itcomes to that. We'll keep ye posted on any further developments. Solidarity Michael and all here at the Rossport Solidarity Camp :)

Posted Date: 
29 March 2006 - 4:33am