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Building Rossport Solidarity Camp Meeting in Galway

Saturday 28th January '06Smokey Joes, The Main Concourse, NUI, Galway.In 2005 Shell, Statoil and the Irish State’s project to build anunprecedented raw gas pipeline and refinery in northwest Mayo was defeated by a variety of mass non-violent direct action methods, includingsustained picketing, a planned blockade of the world biggest pipelayingship by fishing boats, and a protest camp on the pipeline route.At the moment in the depths of winter, geological and climatic conditions mean they cannot carry out major construction work, nonetheless there was a picket/party at the Ballinaboy refinery site on Christmas day and on News Years Day.Shell are being allowed into the site under Shell to Sea supervision to do environmental maintenance work, and pickets are constantly maintained to prevent them from doing anything else.However we expect that with the new “construction season” in the spring of 2006 they will yet again attempt to carry out construction.We need your help to get ready for this.The camp was originally made in an ad-hoc and spontaneous fashion, thistime we aim to be more planned and prepared.This will require both people on the camp, and people willing to come at short notice for emergencies, as well as people nowhere near Mayo helping with publicity, logistics, and finance.We are currently printing up tens of thousands of leaflets and stickers, have a list of things needed that we are garnering from around the country, and many benefit gigs are planned for January, but there is room for much much more.This is a major opportunity to defeat an environmentally hazardousdevelopment, and the struggle thus far has already been an inspiration to many people around the country, victory will have a significantradicalising effect not just on a remote corner of Mayo but across theisland.Bear in mind also we are still looking to speak at public meetings around the country. So if you can organise one that would be very good.Contact Details for Camp:E-mail rossportsolidaritycamp@gmail.comPhone: 097 20944 or 086 3201612Camp Website: for the re-opening of Rossport Solidarity Camp: on Rossport Solidarity Camp Speaking Tour of England: on skills share weekend at Rossport Solidarity House:

Posted Date: 
25 January 2006 - 11:02pm