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Rossport 5 man to thank his Waterford supporters

11/25/2005 - 11:16:02 AM ONE of the five Mayo men who spent ninety-four days in Cloverhill prison because of their opposition to a Shell gas pipeline in Mayo, is to speak at a public meeting in Waterford.Micheál Ó’Seighin will address the meeting, organised by the Waterford Council of Trade Unions, in the Granville Hotel this Thursday, November 24th, at 8.00p.m.All members of the public are invited to attend to find out more about the Shell to Sea Campaign and the reasons why Micheál, Willy Corduff, Brendan Philbin, Vincent McGrath and Philip McGrath were imprisoned.The five men were detained, despite the fact they committed no crime, for defying a court order that they cease protesting against a potentially dangerous gas pipeline being built on their land, but were released when Shell was forced to lift its injunction against them.However, despite their release, the campaign to force Shell and Statoil to process the gas of the Corrib gas field at an offshore terminal rather then just metres from residential areas is to continue.The multi-national oil companies have insisted they intend to proceed with their plans to construct gas pipeline onshore thereby compromising the safety of the local communities in North Mayo.President of the WCTU, Tom Creedon: “The Rossport 5 have shown how the might of a multi-national corporation backed to the hilt by the government can be challenged. They are an inspiration to all those who oppose the principle of putting profit ahead of people’s safety. Hundreds of organisations, including the Waterford Council of Trade Unions, and thousands of people across the country supported the men and it was this pressure which forced Shell and Statoil to back down and release the five men. Micheál Ó’Seighin acknowledged this on his release when he stated that feet on the ground won it”.“However, as the five men have stated themselves, the campaign to force Shell to sea is only beginning.The people of Mayo realised some time ago that the government has abdicated its responsibility in protecting their interests and safety in order to side with these multi-nationals. Not only did successive governments broker deals which are outrageously beneficial to Shell and Statoil, but they stepped aside and allowed these companies to exploit the Irish legal system to unjustly punish those who protested in favour of health and safety and common sense”.“The Trades Council hopes that people across the city and county will come to the meeting to acknowledge the bravery of Micheál in refusing to surrender his principles despite a three month incarceration. The meeting will also address how the local community can help the Shell to Sea Campaign in fighting this dangerous pipeline. We call on Waterford people to come out and show their support”.

Posted Date: 
23 November 2005 - 7:46am