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Eamon Ryan

"I have serious concerns that the Government constantly took Shell's side, in effect, throughout this process. The Taoiseach downgraded the role of An Bord Pleanála by proposing to introduce a critical infrastructure Bill. [...]

I contend that he put remarkable and untold pressure on An Bord Pleanála to accept the Government's will and to do the right thing in this case. It is to be deeply regretted that such actions have been bad for the long-term position of An Bord Pleanála as a credible and independent body."

- Eamon Ryan

Recently Bob Hanna. the Chief Technical officer in Ryan's department critised Bord Pleanála on the safety measures they are looking for on the onshore Corrib Gas pipeline.

— Eamon Ryan in the Dáil on 24th Nov 05