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Ken Sara Wiwa African Monster Party


The local community in Rossport county Mayo have been in conflict with Shell for the past 5 years over the construction of a high pressure pipeline which resulted in the imprisonment of the five local men during the summer who became known as the ''Rossport 5''. ,

This summer has been a huge strain on the community. The community have been inspired by the Ogoni people in Nigeria who have had their own troubles with Shell. In particular by Ken Sara Wiwa who as leader of the Ogoni people was executed along with 8 other activists 10 years ago on the 10th of November 1995.

The community are hosting a MONSTER PARTY on the 12th of November in honour of Ken Sara Wiwa and his friends. We are planning a unique day on the 12th.

We invite EVERY Nigerian and African in the country to north Mayo for the day along with our supporters nationwide. We intend this event to be the largest multicultural event ever held in west of Ireland.

We have commissioned a mural of Ken and his friends which is being painted by local artists under the guidance of the ''Bogside Artists'' . The mural will be blessed by African ministers and local clergy. The unveiling will be jointly performed by local and African children. African food will be prepared for all in attendance before the music and entertainment begins. The music will be hosted in Healy's Hall in Glenamoy. ,

This is a unusual cultural and musical event to be held during a period of calm. This day is about Ken Sara Wiwa and the human spirit as the human spirit does not have a colour or a nationality and as the Nigerian and Irish governments now know cannot be imprisioned or killed. All are welcome to attend the event and enjoy the day. Ta gach daoine sa tir failte.

Location: Healy's Hall & Bar

Date:- Saturday 12th November 2005


2:30 pm Blessing and unveiling of mural to Ken Sara Wiwa and his 8 murdered friends by African & local clergy

3:30 pm Nigerian and African food for all

4:30 pm African and Irish music with dancing till late

The party is being hosted by Shell to Sea with support from the following:-

  • Integrate Ireland

  • Irish Nigerian Association

  • Residents Against Racism

  • Various African community and church groups.


Posted Date: 
21 August 2006 - 1:09am