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Well done - welcome Home - Keep going.

On the 16th of June 2005, ''Bloomsday'' the 5 were still free, and protesting. That was the morning the corduff's abandoned breakfast was photographed and we read of how Shell had illegally entered the lands in Rossport to begin illegal work on an illegal pipeline.That was the day in the flow of narrative of any nation or people when Mary Corduff was brought to Belmullet (some 20 miles away) to seek medical assistance got the stress she was suffering at the sight of one the largest corporations in the world's workers on her land backed up by an unusually large contigent of local Gardaí.Her husband has been released today after 94 days detention.In that time we have seen national and international attention placed on the legality of Shell's actions and plans.Government ministers appointed to serve the nation, have changed their tunes and words, throughout it all keeping to the line that they couldn't really intefere.Shell has in these last 94 days been involved in serious incidents in other countries most particularly Nigeria, and is still the subject of environmental law suits, and its Irish operations have been sold off to an Irish venture capitalist company.The 5 Rossport Wives went from shocked and stressed to letter writers, campaigners, articulating the concerns of their community and many more beyond.Everyone, whether involved in grass root political campaigns or multi-national-corporation campaigns has learnt something from this.Many votes for the careerist politicians have been lost.Please,for the sake of the millions on this Earth who do not get released from prison, who do have voice as entities like Shell pillage their lands and abuse their rights, do not allow a single vote to return to those who remained so curiously silent or unhelpful these last 94 days.
Mr Corduff's Bloomsday Brekkie will have gone cold by now. It would not be sexist to suggest mrs Corduff will make him another with cuddles on top.

Posted Date: 
21 August 2006 - 1:09am