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Bus from Derry to Rossport 5 demo

There have been quite a few actions in solidarity with the Rossport 5 North of the border. In Derry, the Socialist Environmental Alliance [S.E.A] and FEIC organised a public meeting on the issue. Several blockades of the Shell depot have been held and Shell or Statoil stations on the Donegal side of the border picketed [there are very few petrol stations in Derry due to it being so much cheaper two miles away in Donegal].The SEA has organised several fundraisers for the Rossport 5 and handed over a few hundred pounds at the public meeting to the Shell to Sea campaign. The last four Wednesday nights in Sandinos have been fundraisers for the campaign, organised by Joe Mulhern.This weekend, a bus is leaving Derry at 9am at bus stop beside Guildhall Square, to bring people to Dublin for the national demo.... maybe Belfast should think of doing something similar? The bus plans on returning from Dublin at about 5pm to get back to Derry for 9.30 or so. The cost is about £15 for waged and £5 for unwaged. Anyone wanting to book a seat on the bus, phone or text Goretti Horgan on 07973528772

Posted Date: 
30 September 2005 - 3:20pm