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Rossport Five to appear before High Court

<?xml:namespace prefix = rte ns = ''urn:rte-search'' />The High Court has made production orders for the appearance of the five Co Mayo men jailed over their opposition to the Corrib Gas pipeline.
The five men, who have now been in jail for 94 days, are expected to appear before High Court President Mr Justice Joseph Finnegan at 2pm.
The men were jailed for breaching a court injunction not to interfere with the construction of a Shell pipeline.
This morning, legal teams representing Shell Ireland and the men made contact with each other.
The communication follows an offer by the Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources to appoint a mediator.
Shell Ireland says it is hopeful that Noel Dempsey's statement has brought a momentum to the process and the company are committed to finding a way to move the situation forward.
Mr Dempsey has been trying for several weeks to find a formula to get the men out of jail and sitting down in round table talks with Shell to address the safety issues surrounding the highly controversial pipeline.
Dr Mark Garavan, a spokesman for the men, said they had made it clear seven weeks ago that they would engage in talks if the injunction was lifted.
Mr Dempsey said that across the political system people want the controversy to be resolved.
Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland programme, the minister said resolution could only come with movement on both sides and this appeared to be in prospect.
He said that once the courts were involved it made it more difficult for agreement to be reached.

Posted Date: 
29 September 2005 - 4:55pm