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Rossport Five : Galway University students give powerful support !.

Today, at the 'open day' for university societies and political parties, the recruiting/info tables of Eco Soc, Human Rights Society, Sinn Fein, Socialist, Labour & Green Parties and the SWP were largely given over to the plight of the R5; postcards to them in Cloverhill were sold at cost and the students in the teeming Arus Na Maclein Hall were encouraged to sign the petition form - now over 16,000 signatures. The Eco Soc's showed Margaretta D'Arcys Shell to Sea documentary on their laptop.Yesterday, Trevor Sergeant, head honcho of the Greens stopped for an hour at our Shop Street stall, wearing a 'Justice for the Rossport Five' tee-shirt and giving maximum solidarity.
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21 September 2005 - 9:06pm