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Press release: on project monitoring etc.

Monday September 19th, 2005 At a meeting in Glenamoy on Sunday, September 18th, Shell to Sea considered the Press Statement from the Project Monitoring Committee of last Wednesday, September 14th. We note that the Committee reports that water quality on Carromore Lake does not give rise for concern at this time. However, we note with alarm the Committee’s observation regarding the
“inability of the existing settlement ponds to deal with suspended solids present in the surface water run-off from the exposed mineral soils in the terminal footprint.”
This seems to indicate that Shell’s methodologies for managing water run-off from their excavation programme are not succeeding. This casts considerable doubt over Shell’s understanding of bog excavation procedures and their capacity to safely continue the peat extraction.
We further note Shell’s request to utilise water treatment units to cope with this failure.
Accordingly, Shell to Sea call on the PMC to:

  1. Follow the lead of the Department of the Marine in dispensing with a passive reporting system and to proactively and rigorously monitor all Shell’s construction sites;
  2. Fully explain the purposes and functions of the water treatment units and whether their installation is in conformity with Shell’s planning permission and is legally permissible;
  3. Act as a corporate body and ensures that its members refrain from issuing private statements which extend beyond their remit as members of the environmental monitoring group.

Subject to a satisfactory explanation on Point Two, Shell to Sea, consistent with its absolute commitment to environmental protection, will facilitate the installation of the water treatment filters. Finally, Shell to Sea again call on Shell to immediately cut up their assembled pipeline as directed by the Minister for the Marine. No effort has thus far been made by Shell to carry out this work. Shell to Sea again states that it will facilitate this procedure. In addition, we call on the Minister for the Marine to direct that Shell remove pile-driving structures along the pipeline route which is also in breach of their consents. This direction is an essential sign of the Department’s good faith in ensuring conformity with the consent regime.
For verification of statement contact Dr. Mark Garavan 087-9023687
For local liaison regarding the above requests contact Mr. Edward Moran 087-6499767

Posted Date: 
30 September 2005 - 5:06pm