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Press Release: Shell work preempts planning decision

Shell have this week begun work on the Corrib Gas pipeline route, just days in advance of the expected An Bord Pleanála decision.

On Monday, Shell moved into the area of Aughoose, about a mile from the Bellanaboy refinery site, and put up fences, lights and began drilling operations in the area, despite having no planning permission to carry out any such works.

In September, Shell were found to be in contempt of a court order for entering onto Rossport Commonage and carrying out site investigations.

Shell to Sea spokesperson, Maura Harrington stated “As if we needed another example, this illustrates the unbridled arrogance of Shell.  We now are operating under Shell law in this area of North-west Mayo and not the law that the rest of the country operates under”.

Meanwhile, An Bord Pleanála have refused to comment on whether or not they will be using the illegally obtained information from Rossport Commonage to make their decision.

Commenting on this, Maura Harrington continued “An Bord Pleanála simply must throw out this application otherwise they are rewarding Shell's lawbreaking.  Shell have supplied no legally obtained data regarding Rossport Commonage to An Bord Pleanála”.

For verification or further comment, please contact:
Terence Conway
Maura Harrington

Notes for editors:
[1]  An Bord Pleanála have stated that they will make their decision on the onshore section of the Corrib Gas pipeline on or before the 23rd October 09.
[2]   For a report on Wednesday's protest outside the illegal compound, see: