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Job losses & the PR roadshow

Shell has just announced that it is laying of 128 more Corrib workers 'due to blockades by protesters' in Mayo.
This multinational corporation, which makes over one million euros profit PER HOUR, is playing the poor man being responsible for the debacle that has landed 5 men in prison and placed a community under seige.
Shell will receive no sympathy from the millions of people worldwide who support the Rossport 5 in their efforts to expose the dangerous and highly flawed project.
It appears Shell (and indeed RTE) aren't too concerned about the local farmers, fishermen and tourism providers who's businesses and livelihoods are suffering because of their invasion.
Meanwhile, the Shell to Sea campaign will continue to grow in strength and activity until Shell move the entire project to Sea.

Posted Date: 
9 August 2005 - 6:58pm