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Dempsey and gombeenism

From Mayo Shell to Sea campaign:Minister Dempsey has given consent for the Offshore Pipeline, just in time for the arrival of the Solitaire next week in Broadhaven Bay. - this is true gombeenism, stage-irish Darby O'Gill behaviour - asking them to dismantle the onshore pipeline, and getting a third review of the Quantitative Risk Assessment of the onshore pipeline, while granting permission for work to begin on the offshore pipeline.Below is an email I just got from Sky detailing the consent (things are bad when you have to be told by the media):

''402 PA IRELAND SOUTH [OFFSHORE WORK ON CONTROVERSIAL PIPELINE TO BEGINBy Ed CartyPA Work is set to begin on the offshore section of the controversial pipeline from the Corrib gas field to the Mayo coast, it was confirmed today.Noel Dempsey, Minister for Natural Resources, revealed consent had been granted to allow contractors to move into Broadhaven Bay and lay pipes.Mr Dempsey said the permission was given for work to begin on a separate basis to the onshore section of the pipeline under project splitting rules.''What we are talking about today is a phase four consent which deals solely with the offshore pipeline. Part of the phase four consent is that there will be stricter monitoring and supervision of this project,'' he said.With five Rossport landowners, who protested against having the pipe on their land, in jail for more than a month, it emerged offshore construction work would run hand in hand with a safety review of the onshore section.Green Party TD Eamon Ryan said granting consent for work at sea made a mockery of the safety review.''If the Government was really representing the public interest then it would ask Shell to hold back on any further work on the project - offshore as well as onshore - until all the safety issues are properly addressed,'' Mr Ryan said.''If the review confirms that the onshore pipeline isn't sufficiently safe then the offshore pipeline leading to Rossport doesn't make sense either.''But Mr Dempsey insisted a special group from within his department would be a keeping a close eye on the 900 million euro project (#622m) and works carried out by Shell.It is understood the world's largest pipe-laying vessel, Solitaire, is in the North Sea awaiting to be deployed off the Mayo coast. Shell had an option to use the vessel during the next few weeks but it is unclear whether they have taken that up.Mr Dempsey warned further construction on the 70km pipeline and onshore works would be subject to tough controls and strict monitoring after pipes were welded onshore without consent. Shell has been ordered to remove the welded sections.''I had to deal with that and I had to tell them that they would have to un-weld it and that they would be subject to more monitoring and supervision. I am satisfied that they will comply with those particular demands,'' Mr Dempsey said. ]021511 AUG 05''

Posted Date: 
2 August 2005 - 9:28pm