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Answers from the Dept. of the Marine

Thóg sé 6 Riomhphoist thar 4 Lá chun freagrai seo d'fhailt o'n Roinn by EamonnÓ Flannagáin Monday, Aug 1 2005, 7:10pm phone: 086 066 1055
Ceist (1) Cé h-iad na daoine atá ar an grupa nua atá ag breathnu ar obair SHELL? Fr (1) : Freagróimíd thú chomh tapaidh is is feidir linnCeist (2) Ar ghlach duine ar bith de fhoirne PAD le béile as a d'ioch SHELL agus cé chomh minic? Fr (2) Sea, bhí baill áirithe d’fhoireann PAD i láthair ag roinnt lónta oibre a d’íoc Shell astu, mar na cinn maidir le…Grúpa Monatóireachta Timpeallachta.Ceist (3) Ar ndeacaigh duine ar bith de fhoirne PAD ar thuras thar lear i gcomhluadar SHELL agus cé chomh minic? Fr (3.1)) Ghlac dhá bhall d’fhoireann PAD pairt ar thuras go Obar Dheathain chun féachaint ar na sonraí seismeach sa visionarium 3D. D’íoc PAD as na costais go léir.Fr. (3.2) Ghlac ball amháin d’fhoireann PAD páirt ar thuras allamuigh go Nova Scotia – d’íoc PAD as na costais taistil agus lóistín. Fr (3.3) Rinne ball foirne amháin turas go dtí an Íseal Tír - d’íoc PAD as na costais taistil agus lóistín.Ceist (4) Ar bhfreastail duine ar bith de fhoirne PAD ar ocaid shoisialta a d'eagraigh SHELL agus cé chomh minic?Fr (5) Níl aon eolas ag PAD ar an t-ábhar seo.

Translation of Correspondence with Dept of Comm., Marine and Natural Resources by Maigh Eo Monday, Aug 1 2005, 10:42pm
Here is a translation of the posting in Irish above''It took 6 e-mails over 4 days to get these answers from the department.Question 1: Who are the people who are in the new group which is monitoring Shell?Answer 1: We will reply to you as soon as possible.Question 2: Did any member of the PAD (Petroleum Affairs Division) accept a meal that was paid for by Shell, and if so, how often?Answer 2: Yes, certain members of PAD were present at several work lunches paid for by Shell, similar to the ones with...the Environment Monitoring Group''(just a translation, I don't know what this group is actually called)''Question 3: Did any members of PAD travel abroad with Shell and if so, how often?Answer 3.1: Two members of PAD participated in a trip to Aberdeen to observe the seismic details in the 3D visonarium . PAD paid for all costs.Answer 3.2: One member of PAD took part in a field trip in Nova Scotia - PAD paid for the travel and accommodation expenses.Answer 3.3: One member of staff travelled to the Netherlands - PAD paid for all travel and accommodation expenses.Question 4: Did any member of PAD attend any social events organised by Shell and if so, how often?Answer 4: PAD has no information in regard to this.''Fair play to Éamonn. I suppose the best way to get information is to ask a direct question! I'm not surprised at the answers you got, but it's important to get people to acknowledge the way that they've been courted by this multinational and to think about how their positions and their authority and credibility have been compromised. Maith thú. Caithfidh mé fhéin cúpla ceist a chur ar chúpla duine anois....

Posted Date: 
2 August 2005 - 9:17pm