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20/07/05 MEPs call on Norway to act

European Parliament60 Rue Wiertz1047 Brussels20 July 2005Re: Gas Pipeline, IrelandThe AmbassadorEmbassy of Norway17 Rue ArchimedeBrusselsDear Ambassador.Three weeks ago five farmers from Rossport, County Mayo, Ireland were imprisoned on foot of legal proceedings brought against them by the consortium Corrib Gas which is made up of Statoil, Shell and Marathon.We, the undersigned, Sinn Fein MEP's, respectfully request that the Norwegian Government instruct Statoil to use its influence with Shell to have all court actions against the jailed protesters lifted.We also request that Statoil instruct the consortium to cease all work on the pipeline pending a full enquiry into all aspects of the project.Finally, we would respectfully draw the Norwegian Government and people's attention to the fact that Statoil is part of a development that would not be acceptable in Norway itself on environmental or safety grounds and that Statoil benefits from revenue and licensing terms that would not be permitted under Norway's own regulatory system.Yours faithfullyMary Lou McDonald, MEPBairbre de Brun, MEP

Posted Date: 
22 July 2005 - 2:23pm