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The wolf and the little pigs

Long time ago, a Wolf arrived

In a land nobody knew.

A place of beauty, peace and calm

With sea and skies so blue.

He looked around and saw  his prize

He would take it, without doubt,

The pigs to whom the land belonged

Would concede without a shout.

The wolf looked at the little pigs

With evil in his eyes

"You will make a tasty meal for me,

This is a nice surprise!"

You are no match for me at all

You can't put up a fight.

You're small and weak, I'll blow you down

Oh, I will eat tonight.

So Wolfie, with his sneaky ways,

Moved in, all set to kill.

He licked his lips, he straightened up,

This surely was a thrill.

He smiled a beaming, toothy smile

And said, "I'll be your friend,

I'll help you every way I can

You'll see it in the end.

You are very small in number

And really not so strong

I am big and tough and wild

I'll protect you all along.

I'll build you nice new houses

I'll feed you all your lives,

You'll never want for anything

With me, you all will thrive."

But little pigs ain't foolish

They saw his beaming smile

And heard the old adage

"Beware the smiling crocodile"

They called their neighbour piggies

"Can you help us we're in trouble

We're under threat, we need you now!"

They came there on the double.

Wolfie woke next morning

With a lazy gaping yawn

His evil head was full of plans

Oh how he loved the dawn.

He'd crush their porky bodies

He'd snap them just like twigs.

"Who cares", he thought "It's no big deal,

They're only little pigs.

My forest friends support me

They're big boys just like me

The pigs? Inconsequential

Their trade name? Shell to Sea.

I have no fear of little pigs

They can all go to hell.

I will emerge triumphant

For my trade name is Shell

And so the battle started

The pigs in number grew.

The wolf became frustrated

Whatever could he do?

"I know", he said,"I'll fix them,

I'll teach them who is boss.

I'll take away their leaders

They won't survive the loss.

I'll get my friends to help me

To put those five away

It won't be fair, but then who cares?

If it helps me get my way."

Five piggies went to prison

At Wolfie's evil hands.

Their crime? They stood up for their rights

To save their precious land.

"That will sort them," Wolfie thought.

As he lay upon his bed,

"They'll fall apart now at the seams

Their campaign is good as dead".

But piggies never quit you know

Amazing little smashers

"We'll never quit, we won't give in

Until we become rashers!"

And on and on the story went

The leaders were released,

Did they give up then? you ask

Their struggle never ceased.

When Wolfie undertook this quest,

To overthrow and plunder

To maim and kill and put in fear

And pull them all asunder,

He thought 'twould be a piece of cake

These little pigs to tackle

He never dreamt in allhis days

'Twould cause this great debacle.

  You ask me why I care so much

Is the cause to me so big?

"It is," I answer

"For I too, am one of the little pigs"