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New 10-minute film on Mayo, Policing The Pollution

View on Current TV
A new 10-minute film on Shell in County Mayo has just been posted on Current TV, entitled Policing The Pollution: "Don't Mention The Water."
Stills from the film: Broadhaven Bay In February 2007 I travelled to County Mayo, Ireland, to investigate allegations of police brutality against the local community who dared to oppose the construction of the Shell Oil Corrib Gas Refinery and pipeline. Other than documenting horrific accounts of one retired local crippled for life by police, and others who had suffered broken ribs and noses, I met local blacksmith John Monaghan. He discovered the local water supply of 10,000 people was being polluted with aluminium coming from the Shell Gas Refinery site. Despite laws in place to hold Shell to account for any pollution, the aluminium was coming from the site in dangerously high levels and neither Shell nor the local council seemed to be doing anything about it. This documentary follows on from the More4 News report, “Irish Gas Plant Under Fire”, aired in June 2007, and looks at the policing and the pollution in County Mayo. If you view the film, please register to Current TV (no, you won't get insanely spammed), then you can vote and get the film on their digital TV channels and get the story out further to a wider audience. The June 2007 More4 News report, “Irish Gas Refinery Under Fire”: An edited version of the Policing The Pollution Rough Cut was released on Reel News DVD Issue 6.
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Posted Date: 
20 November 2007 - 1:24pm