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Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year hit by singing protest
Posted by Royal Dutch Shell at October 29th, 2007

Shell’s real effect on wildlife
rikki | 28.10.2007 00:01 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | London
Today at the natural history museum in london, the Shell-sponsored exhibition of wildlife photography was targeted by activists from ‘rising tide’ and others. they used singing and leafleting to peacefully highlight the greenwash and irony of an oil company sponsoring a wildlife photography exhibition.
At lunchtime today, activists entered the grand hall of the natural history museum and suprised security guards by staging a melodic protest at the entrance to the shell-sponsored exhibition.
Starting with humming and building up to a rousing chorus it took guards a ltittle while to work out what was happening. Meanwhile leaflets were handed out to the bemused public. as Shell-hired security forcefully marched singers out of the building, More voices kept emerging, and it took several minutes to eventually clear the hall by which time a lot of leaflets had been handed out and the point had been made.
Outside the museum, more than 500 leaflets were handed to people attending the exhibition, and banners and posters showed the real work of Shell, rekindling the memory of Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Nigerian activists working to stop Shell’s blight of the the land and the environment in the Nigerian delta.
Public response was very favourable - the irony not lost on most people
One guard let slip that the security operation is costing Shell £2000 per day to protect the exhibition from likely protest
A short film will follow on indymedia in the next day or two (linked here):all participants gave their consent to be photographed/filmed
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29 October 2007 - 6:36pm