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Rossport Solidarity Camp starts dismantling camp structures at Glengad

Rossport Solidarity Camp, with the assistance of the local community, has started dismantling the camp structures at Glengad beach in north Mayo, in line with the recent circuit court decision by Judge Harvey Kenny on an action taken by the local authority. Camp spokesperson Bob Kavanagh said "we have always been clear that this is a temporary camp. We have contacted both Mayo County Council and the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) seeking their assistance in the take down of the camp, to help minimise any potential impact on the dunes". The current structures are located on the fringes of the Glenamoy Bog Complex cSAC (candidate Special Area of Conservation) overlooking Broadhaven Bay. The camp was established in the summer of 2005 in support of the local community, who are seeking to protect their area and the environment from a potentially life-threatening gas refinery and pipeline project.The Solidarity Camp remains in operation in the locality, and alternative arrangements have been made in agreement with local landowners. Bob Kavanagh continues "We also wish to make it clear that anyone who wants to come and campaign, and see this thus far unspoilt area, is still more than welcome". Camper Cathy O'Sullivan stated "the issues that caused the Rossport Five to spend over three months in jail have still not been dealt with ... there is no community consent to have dangerous raw gas being forced through this area. Until these concerns have been dealt with, we will continue our struggle". It is hoped that de-camping operations will be successfully completed before Christmas this year, and that several alternative sites are fully established for the ongoing campaign.ENDFor comment or verification contact the camp on +353 (0)85 1141170

Posted Date: 
28 September 2007 - 2:50pm