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Lock on in front of Shell’s peat deposit site in Mayo

Lock on in front of Shell’s peat deposit site in Mayo
mayo | environment | feature Tuesday June 05, 2007 16:14 by Rossport Solidarity Camp
The Rossport Struggle Against A Lethal Pipeline Continues

Stop before it's too late.

Five people locked themselves together in front of the Sramore peat deposit site, used by Shell to deposit the peat from the Bellanaboy refinery site near Rossport. The Gardai arrived at 7.18. As of 7.20, they didn't know how to respond. The banner that the protestors hung across the road says: “Stop before it’s too late”. The five hour blockade of the gates of the shell plant in mayo this morning ended peacefully, with trucks prevented from entering or leaving until approximately midday. The group of people used layered pipes and concrete to lock arms this morning. The fire brigade was called in to remove the protest. Five people are now being held in Belmullet garda station , as of yet no one has been charged and supporters have made their way to Belmullet to show solidarity with those being detained. There are no reports of any injuries, although a medic supporting the protestors is reported to have been dragged by the hair.
At 7.34 a second Garda van arrived. At 7. 37, Garda MY 23 gave a warning, that this was private property and to get off the road. Garda MY 165 is filming. At 7.38, a third Garda Car arrived, meaning there are currently 15 Gardai here, with MY 161 taking photos and Superintendant Gannon in charge. 7.41 Gannon has removed the banner. All the lower ranking cops are calm, he seems irate – they have been informed of the risks of attempting to unlock people. Media contact and for confirmation: Caoimhe087 7564750INFO AND UPDATES

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1 June 2007 - 4:36pm