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Iggy Madden trucks for Shell

Galway, Shell to Sea : Further protest today against Iggy Madden's denudation and rape of Bellanaboy
galway | rights and freedoms | news report Friday March 30, 2007 20:40 by TD - Shell to Sea
660,000 metric tonnes of pristine blanket bog is going to be butchered from the earth
Galway Shell to Sea activists eschewing stronger stuff for the time being, today, mounted a picket against Iggy Madden Haulage on Lough Atalia Road and outside his nearby depot. Over 20 activists participated including the front line troops of the SWP and SP and the cutting edge and conscience of Rossport in the form of 3 of the Rossport 5 and wives.

Madden, crony, gopher/gofer and right hand man of the disgraced Frank Fahey (Fahey had the free use of Madden's trucks during the last General Election) has a nice little earner in the shape of removing some 660,000 metric tonnes of Bellanaboy blanket bog and dumping it in a Bord Na Mona cutaway bog in Bangor Erris. Redolent of the notorious corrupt insuring of Larry Goodman's sale of beef to Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Madden, it turns out, is insured by Born Na Mona or the Irish taxpayer if there's a massive ecological fuck-up by the dumping of such massive amounts of bog and slurry.So it goes, the, in your face, parasitic/symbiotic relationship of Big Business and government or perhaps it 's just what Benito Mussolini called "Fascism ; the true union of corporate and state power"?.

Galway Shell to Sea : Iggy Madden trucks for Shell, he has no truck with conscience
galway | rights and freedoms | news report Monday March 26, 2007 22:38 by TD - Shell to Sea
Madden pumps for Shell, Rossport can go to hell !
Iggy Madden of Iggy Madden Haulage Ltd, Galway, crony, “close friend and confidante,” whatever, of shady Frank Fahey, was the target of Galway Shell to Sea’s concern this afternoon on account of the imminent removal by his firm of some 660,000 metric tonnes of blanket bog from Shell’s proposed gas refinery in Bellanaboy and dumped in a Bord Na Mona cutaway bog in Bangor Erris despite serious ecological concerns for such a venture.As karma or serendipity would have it, the great man himself was to hand when 13 Shell to Sea activists, prior to a picketing of his depot, were handing in a letter of protest to his docklands offices. Instead of hearing our plaints with a fair ear we were verbally abused, instead, and subjected to diplomacy of the bar room, redneck, kind ; “I’ll shove yer camera up yer arse” "Do ya have a job" etc, etc. So it goes.
Diplomat Iggy : Blue in tongue and jumper
Below is the text of the letter handed in :Iggy Madden Haulage Ltd 26th March 2007Dear Sirs.We are writing to express our concern over your acquisition of the peat removal contract for the proposed gas refinery site in Bellinaboy, Co. Mayo. As you are aware, there is no local consent for the construction of such a refinery and huge controversy still surrounds its construction, which among other things, poses a grave danger to the ecological system of the area and the water quality of the Carrowmore lake (the major supply of drinking water for the area). The risk of land destabilisation in an area where there have been hugely destructive landslides must also be mentioned.The local community of the Erris Peninsula have been subjected to daily intimidation and repression at the hands of the large corporations who have hired you for this particular section of the development.As the support group concerned, we are asking you to cease your work until there is at least a proper consultation process instigated and the very serious health and safety concerns of the local community in North West Mayo are taken into account. More information on the local communities proposals are available at the below website.Galway Shell to Sea would point out that any involvement in this project on your company’s part would be shameful and bound to have a dire effect on your heretofore good reputation.We look forward to your response.Yours sincerelyGalway Shell to
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"Ar ya workin, do yah have a job"

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13 April 2007 - 8:03pm