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Companies involved in the Corrib project

Who is responsible for building the Corrib project?
The Onshore Refinery

Project Managers: PM Group: Dublin, Cork, (England: Rugby, Basingstoke)
Civil Engineering & Building Contractors: Roadbridge: Co. Limerick, Co. Kildare, Co. Dublin

Engineering firms:
ASI=Amec, Siac and IIF : Amec Engineering: London, Manchester
Siac Butler Steel: Galway, Cork, Dublin
(England: Pembrokeshire)
Irish Industrial Fabricators: Cork

Arup Consulting Engineers: Dublin, Cork, Limerick
Mercury Engineering: Dublin, Sligo, Co. Cork, Carrick on Shannon

Water treatment plant: Axonics: (supposedly to remove aluminium from water but Council’s own records show site runoff is often so contaminated with aluminium that tests are off the scale, local drinking water badly affected, often over World Health Org limit.) Swansea

Iggy Madden trucks for peat haulage: Galway
Lennons: local quarry supplying construction site: Bunnahowen
Barretts: local quarry supplying construction site: Bangor
Brendan Gilmore Security: Longford

The high pressure unrefined gas pipeline

Consultant Engineers (only started Feb 07!): RPS (Rural Planning Services): Dublin

Onshore pipeline
Sicim: Limerick, Dublin, Co. Galway (Italy)
Roadbridge: Co. Limerick, Co. Kildare, Co. Dublin

Allseas: Delft, The Netherlands
Tideway: The Netherlands

Pipeline at sea
Allseas: Delft, The Netherlands

Well completions & drilling (4 wells in total):Transocean Sedco 711, Scotland

Umbilical cord and trench, Installation of flexibles, jumpers, manifold and wellhead structures: Technip, Scotland, London

Pipeline tie in: Technip: Scotland, London & ABB: Dublin, England & Scotland

Umbilical supplier: Nexans: France
Flexibles supplier: NKT: Denmark
Pipeline storage/preservation: T.B.A
Completion equipment + logistics: T.B.A!

Posted Date: 
25 March 2007 - 10:41pm