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Fears of contamination of local water supply from run off from Bellanaboy prompts onsite investigation by locals

How it was reported:

Breaking news: March 22nd 07

Protesters have entered the site of the proposed Shell Refinery at Bellanaboy Co Mayo this afternoon.

In a spontaneous action, a group of around fifty people walked into the site to stop work, because of concerns about the degradation being caused to the local environment.

In a development which coincides with World Water Day, local people were so disturbed by what they saw leaving the site and running off into the local water, which in turn runs into the drinking water supply for the Erris area (Carrowmore Lake), that they felt they had to enter the refinery site and stop all work.

For local comment call Sean Harrington on 086 267 0529.

Posted Date: 
20 March 2007 - 4:37pm