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Shell Named ‘Scrooge of the Year 2006’

Shell Named ‘Scrooge of the Year 2006’
FROM limerick | anti-capitalism | news report Wednesday December 20, 2006 16:08 by Socialist Youth - Limerick Socialist Youth info at socialistparty dot net Limerick 086-8064801
In Socialist Youth's Competition
Last Saturday shoppers on Limerick’s O’Connell St got a chance to caste their vote for ‘Scrooge of the Year 2006’. Shell emerged victorious in Socialist Youth’s competition to find the most hated company in the country and were awarded their title on Tuesday the 19th at Shell HQ in Dublin.
Ballot Caste for 'Scrooge of the Year 2006'
Shell won because people all over Ireland are appalled by them forcing through their dangerous pipeline in Rossport. People know Shell can afford to refine the gas at sea, sure they make around €1.5 million profit every hour and they didn’t pay a penny for the Corrib Gas! Other main contenders for the title were Bank of Ireland and Dell. The banks in general got a hard time for the constant scandals over illegal bank charges and the huge profits they make on mortgages and personal loans. The ongoing struggle in Bank of Ireland against the bosses’ plans to slash pensions also raised some tempers. In Limerick, Dell is particularly infamous due to the threat of them moving to Poland to get even lower wage rates. People with friends and family working in Dell were also very angry at Dell’s low wage rates of around €8/hr basic and the long shifts and insecurity associated with the job. Some of the voters proposed their own Scrooges instead of those on the ballot, of these the recurring ones were the HSE, the PD’s and the Limerick based Castlemahon Foods Ltd. due to the ongoing scandal over their liquidation. Socialist Youth ran this competition to give people a chance to voice their anger against the bosses assault on wages, jobs, health and safety all in the name of profit. We were encouraged by the results and plan on running similar competitions in the New Year, as well as organising struggles against the bosses attacks.
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17 December 2006 - 7:29pm