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Shell. the Boyne, Carrowmore Lake and the Niger Delta

Shell Pollution in Trim, Constituency of Minister Dempsey
Shell ordered to clean up site of pollution by refined petroleum hydrocarbons from leak at petrol station.
If anyone still doubts that piplines have accidents and develop leaks, maybe they should talk to Meath County Council. Full marks to Meath County Council for persisting for five years that Shell Ireland be made clean up its mess in Trim. The issue is described in detail in the Irish Times of 7 December 2007.It seems detection only came about when a hydocarbon sheen was noted on the Boyne. Shell argues that it is impossible to remediate the effect. The judge says it must do so even if it costs millions to restore a quality of drinking water.Do we understand the protest at Bellanboy where the refinery is going to pollute the only drinking source in Erris, Carrowmore Lake.In fact, the resumed work at the site is very possibly polluting the lake already. And we express surprise at the tenacity of Shell To Sea in Rossport. What does a community do when its water source is being poisoned?The hydocarbon sheen is a common sight in the Niger Delta where Shell and other companies have turned its prodigious waters into an oil soup. There is no tap water and the treks to find clean water get longer year by year.Remediation agreements are continully delayed and,as in the Trim case, one wonders if Shell ever intends to clean up.Meath County Council, in its own interests, has given great example that might well be emulated by Mayo County Council. Contractors for Shell who agree to go ahead on projects proved to endanger the essentials of life bear a grave responsibility.

Posted Date: 
8 December 2006 - 3:24pm