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Shell's wild lie...

Shell is the third largest oil company in the world. It is also the new sponsor of the Natural History Museum’sWildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.There will be a counter-exhibition and public meeting with speakers fromShell-affected communities in the Niger Delta, South Africa and County Mayo (Ireland), atLARC, on MONDAY OCTOBER 16TH at 7PM. LARC - or London Action Resource Centre ( - is at 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES, (corner of Parfett St., Whitechapel tube)The Friends of the Earth-organised tour will also visit Imperial College inLondon on October 17th, Birmingham 19th & Manchester 20th; you sign on to a statement opposing this sponsorship?If you agree with us that this is a ridiculous situation, here’s what you cando:1.) Sign on to this statement which we will publicise online to help build the pressure on the Natural History Museum (NHM). Send your name to us at‘Despite attempts to ‘greenwash’ its reputation via blanket advertising andcultural sponsorship, Shell is still heavily implicated in producingever-greater quantities of the oil and gas that are destabilising our climateto such an alarming degree. Climate change is set to wipe out millions of plant and animal species, and to devastate the poorest regions of the planet. Shell’s activities also result in oil spills which are major causes of death and destruction for many varieties of marine life. Lastly, Shell is currently constructing a massive development at Sakhalin Island in Russia which is threatening the survival of the Western Pacific grey whale.For all these reasons, Shell should not be sponsoring the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. We call on the Natural History Museum to end its sponsorship deal with Shell.’2.) Help get the word out, either with more copies of our postcard, or bycontacting people – particularly photographers – who might be up for helpingout or contributing images. That work could be images of wildlife affected byoil or threatened by climate change, or of communities directly affected by Big Oil.3.) Tell NHM boss Michael Dixon directly what you think of Shell (not to mention BP, which is a Museum partner):, 020 7942 5000.We believe there can be a greener and fairer future for the planet and itspeople, a future that will require in part the consigning of the oil industryto the history books. Our campaign hopes to be one small step in thatdirection. Thanks for reading, and for anything you’re able to do.Art Not Oil/London Rising Tide, c/o 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES.Tel: 07708 794665

Posted Date: 
7 October 2006 - 4:15pm