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SEA, SF and WSM join Derry demo supporting Rossport

Saturday October 07, 2006 14:47 by DavyDerry - SWP/Socialist Environmental Alliance
A Derry demonstration in soldarity with Rossport drew a broad range of political support on October 7th. Around 20 people from Derry and Donegal took part today (Saturday, Oct. 7th) in a solidarity picket with the protest against the Shell Oil terminal in Rossport, Mayo. The demonstrators carried placards calling for a boycott of Shell. The action had been called by the Socialist Environmental Alliance. The group assembled outside the Shell storage depot on Bay Road, Derry, before mounting a lively demonstration at the busy Buncrana Road/Strand Road roundabout. Said SEA spokesperson Goretti Horgan: “More than 200 gardai have moved into Rossport to force a way through local people and get work on the Shell terminal started. It’s proposed that a pipeline bringing oil ashore will pass within yards of local homes. This adds safety issues to the broader environmental concerns. “The fact that the Ahern Government deploys such a large force of gardai in support of Shell and against local people is just another illustration of how Fianna Fail and the PDs represent the interests of big business, not of the ordinary people. “The SEA will continue to be active in support of the Rossport campaign. We are pleased that members of Sinn Fein and the Workers Solidarity Movement joined the picket, as well as environmentalists from both sides of the border. “It was clear from the honking of horns and shouts of encouragement that there is widespread support for the Shell to Sea campaign in the north west. We must build on this for the future.” Ends...

Posted Date: 
6 October 2006 - 5:34pm