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News Release: Aughoose Farmer arrested for opposing Shell

News release - Issued by Shell to Sea - Thursday 25th July 2013


Early yesterday morning, Mayo farmer Gerry Bourke was arrested by Gardaí  at his home in Aughoose, Co. Mayo.  He was held for 6 hours at Belmullet Garda station before being charged with criminal damage and trespass at Shell's tunneling compound at Aughoose.

Mr Bourke was questioned by Garda Hugh Egan, who was previously recorded joking about raping female anti-Shell campaigners in 2011.  Garda Egan was briefly moved to Castlebar in the immediate aftermath of the recording being made public, however he remains actively involved in policing Corrib protests. [1]

Gerry Bourke has opposed the imposition of the Corrib Gas project in his village over the past decade and has previously spoken out regarding the occupation of the area by Shell and IRMS security. [2]

Shell's tunnel creates another dangerous hole

ErrisCamera - YouTube

On the 19th of July, the latest Shell sinkhole appeared in Sruwaddacon estuary above Shell's tunnel. Sruwaddacon estuary is a special area of conservation and special protection area, and this video shows spoil spewing out onto the sea bed. This video proves that Pat Rabbitte's statement in the Dáil that the holes are around 50cm deep is false. This shows a picture of stick 1m long being placed in the hole (and no bottom could be felt).

Previous sinkhole video can be seen here:

Posted Date: 
21 July 2013

New revelations in Shell Corrib Gas Corruption Scandal

John Donovan -

Now Superintendent Thomas Murphy has approached OSSL saying that he is going to investigate. He has presented himself “as an independent person to the ongoing issues in Co Mayo” with clean hands. I can only guess that he did not receive a share of the free booze received from Shell by hundreds of his fellow County Mayo Garda police officers. With all due respect to Superintendent Murphy, he can hardly be described as “independent”. However, if Superintendent Murphy decides to press ahead, the first person he should approach is Detective Chief Superintendent John Gilligan. He should ask Gilligan if he personally helped unload a delivery of alcohol at Bellmullet Garda station. (He did) If Gilligan declines to answer without first seeking advice from his lawyer, that alone would speak volumes. Superintendent Murphy may also wish to ask Gilligan and the other Garda who offloaded the free booze, who paid for it, who delivered it and who ended up drinking it?

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 16.43.01

Posted Date: 
18 July 2013

News Release: Residents raise sinkhole warning signs over Shell tunnel

News release - Issued by Shell to Sea - Monday 15th July 2013

-- Local community forced to act after State agencies ignore danger --


Yesterday (14th July), local residents and supporters raised signs on Sruwaddacon estuary, warning of the sinkholes that continue to appear over Shell's tunnel. Residents first noticed the sinkholes beginning to appear in the special area of conservation on the 20th May and numerous sinkholes have appeared along the tunnel route since then.

The warning signs which read "Danger Sinkholes: Keep Back" were erected in order to warn users of the estuary of presence of the sinkhole, which have been up to 8 foot deep. Residents were forced to put up the warning signs after both Mayo County Council and the Department of Energy & Natural Resources, despite being contacted, have failed to take any action.

Shell Accused of Corrupting Irish Police Force

Rasher Ó Reilly

OSSL claim that their company was a supplier to Shell in respect of the Corrib Gas Project. They allege that acting on Shell's instructions, OSSL has distributed bribes on Shell's behalf to parties connected with the project, including the Irish police force (the Garda) who have been the subject of serious accusations of wrong doing by environmental activists protesting against the project. The main accusation being that the Garda has acted as an offshoot of Shell security.

For more info please visit:

Posted Date: 
10 July 2013
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