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Bribery allegations hit Statoil Ireland development project

Erlend Skarsaune - Aftenbladet

[Shell to Sea] Now Norwegian and British media have covered the story but still not a peep out of RTE.

Statoil’s scandal-dogged Corrib project in Ireland is already considerably delayed and three times more expensive than planned. Operator Shell is now accused of amongst other things bribing Irish police with large amounts of alcohol.

The Corrib field off the northwest coast of Ireland should have delivered gas ten years ago. But strong opposition from locals has meant that the field is still not producing, and made it NOK 17 billion (almost EUR 2.18 billion) more expensive than planned. The Corrib field’s overrun is 283 per cent when compared with its original budget, probably Statoil’s largest ever.

Posted Date: 
14 August 2013

Abuses of Garda Power in Erris of Donegal proportions

AFRI (Action From Ireland)

Afri call for enquiry into allegations of @Shell booze bribes to Gardaí:

Afri has supported calls for an independent international enquiry into allegations that large quantities of alcohol were supplied by Shell to Gardaí in Belmullet, who are responsible for policing the Corrib Gas Project. The statement issued by the Gardai in response to these allegations was paltry and insulting, said Joe Murray of Afri.

Posted Date: 
13 August 2013

News Release: Busted - Shell bribe cops with booze

News release - Issued by Shell to Sea - Monday 12th August 2013

-- Shell accused of bribing Gardaí and pressuring sub-contractor into withdrawing evidence --


It has been revealed by a former Shell subcontractor, OSSL, that they provided €35,000 worth of alcohol to the Gardaí in Christmas 2007. [1] 
In a separate incident OSSL also revealed that former Shell Ireland CEO, Terry Nolan, pressured OSSL manager Neil Rooney to change his statement to the Office of the Garda Ombudsman who were investigating an attack by the Gardaí on campaigners at Pollathomais pier which resulted in 20 people being injured.  [2,3,4] Mr Rooney stated that on the 11th June 2007,  Supt. Joe Gannon had told him before the attack  "I'm going to drive these fuckers into the sea".  OSSL claim that Mr Rooney was pressured by Terry Nolan to remove this quote from his final statement, telling him that "our man" (Supt. Joe Gannon) "had to be protected at all costs". [5]
OSSL claim that when Mr Rooney refused to alter his statement to the Ombudsman that Shell then began to freeze them out of work on the Corrib project and thus began the long-running dispute between them.

Strange tale of Shell's pipeline battle, the Garda and £60,000 worth of booze

Ed Vulliamy - The Observer

[Shell to Sea]  Why has it taken a newspaper from abroad to report on this example of corruption in Ireland, which has been highlighted by OSSL since Sept 2012?

Shell's Corrib gas project has been delayed for years by strong resistance in County Mayo. Now claims are emerging of corporate sweeteners, including a consignment of alcohol for police after a clash with protesters

For 10 years, the Shell oil and gas behemoth has endeavoured to bring ashore a pipeline from the Atlantic into the heart-stopping beauty of Ireland's County Mayo seaboard. And for 10 years, local people whose ancestors farmed the land and fished the ocean have been determined to stop it.

The struggle has become an epic clash between the Goliath that is Shell, backed by the Irish police, and a group assembled around the umbrella protest group Shell to Sea, whose founder, retired primary schoolteacher Maura Harrington, says that, "thanks in no small measure to the Shell to Sea campaign, the project is 10 years behind schedule and its budget has trebled".

Posted Date: 
10 August 2013

Shell Corrib protest man bags Edinburgh Fringe Festival award


Irish actor and writer Donal O'Kelly has scored a notable success with his one-man show, Fionnuala – a play based around to Corrib gasline controversy – winning a coveted Fringe First award at Edinburgh. Each year, Scotsman critics choose plays they feel are of a particularly high standard to receive the awards.

Donal recently peforming Fionnuala outside Shell's compound in Aughoose

Posted Date: 
10 August 2013
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