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Department of Energy consultant unable to access Corrib gas tunnel on recent inspection

Lorna Siggins - Irish Times

A Department of Energy consultant tasked with the most recent inspection of the Corrib gas pipeline works was unable to gain access to the tunnel as he did not have the necessary certification.

The consultant, attached to British firm Graeme Peterson Associates, visited the tunnelling work site at Aughoose in north Mayo on July 2nd-3rd, following reports of “sinkholes” or “air depressions” on the surface of Sruwaddacon estuary.

Posted Date: 
10 September 2013

Garda Ombudsman Admits a Complaint on alleged Delivery of Alcohol to Belmullet garda Station was Received but was Inadmissable

Midwest Radio

Today the Garda Ombudsman’s Office has admitted to Midwest News that it had received a complaint about an alleged large delivery of alcohol to the garda station in Belmullet sent to it by Shell, at Christmas 2007.

RTE News reported on Tuesday that the Garda Ombudsman was not investigating the matter because no complaint was made to it.

Today, a spokesperson for the office says it should have stated that no admissible complaint was made to it about the alleged incident.

Posted Date: 
22 August 2013

Shell contractor delivered three loads of booze to gardai

Áine Ryan - Sunday Times

THE contractor in a dispute with Shell over the delivery of a large consignment of alcohol to Belmullet garda station before Christmas 2007 now claims that the multinational oil giant also paid it to deliver more “modest” quantities of alcohol to the station in 2005 and 2006.

OSSL, the contractor on the Corrib gas project that Shell allegedly hired to make the deliveries, claims “the same pattern” occurred in 2005 and 2006, but “the delivery on both these occasions was modest”.

Posted Date: 
18 August 2013

Did Shell deliver over €35K worth of booze to Mayo Gardai?

Raf Diallo - Newstalk

A contractor working for Shell has alleged that thousands of euros worth of alcohol was delivered to a Mayo Garda Station courtesy of the Gas group


On Sunday a Shell contractor who had worked in Ballynaboy, Co Mayo, alleged that over €35,000 worth of alcohol from a Northern Irish dispensary was delivered to a Mayo Garda station and unloaded from a truck by a senior Garda courtesy of the company.

Posted Date: 
16 August 2013

Bribery allegations hit Statoil Ireland development project

Erlend Skarsaune - Aftenbladet

[Shell to Sea] Now Norwegian and British media have covered the story but still not a peep out of RTE.

Statoil’s scandal-dogged Corrib project in Ireland is already considerably delayed and three times more expensive than planned. Operator Shell is now accused of amongst other things bribing Irish police with large amounts of alcohol.

The Corrib field off the northwest coast of Ireland should have delivered gas ten years ago. But strong opposition from locals has meant that the field is still not producing, and made it NOK 17 billion (almost EUR 2.18 billion) more expensive than planned. The Corrib field’s overrun is 283 per cent when compared with its original budget, probably Statoil’s largest ever.

Posted Date: 
14 August 2013
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