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Rabbitte adopting a short-sighted approach to offshore oil and gas resources

Colm Rapple - Irish Mail on Sunday

Labour minister Pat Rabbitte is doggedly going ahead with his intention to grant more offshore exploration licences on the basis of the flawed objective of encouraging more exploration activity. It’s flawed because the real aim should be to get the maximum return for the Irish people from their natural resources. Some exploration is necessary to achieve that result but maximising exploration won’t necessarily maximise the return.

2006 - Pat Rabbitte presenting Vincent McGrath & the people of Rossport with a collection of Michael Davitt's prison notes

Posted Date: 
7 September 2011

"You are entitled to be a citizen but not here" - YouTube Video of IRMS assaults


Shell's private security force IRMS assault peaceful protestors on the public road outside the new SHell compound at Aughoose, Co Mayo. The Gardaí don't want to know about it.

At the end of this clip, while pushing the camera person across the road , Garda RL83 basically summed up the Garda policy in the area since Shell have arrived - "You are entitled to be a citizen but not here"


Posted Date: 
4 September 2011

MEP claims he was assaulted at peaceful Corrib protest

Áine Ryan - Mayo News

A SOCIALIST Party MEP has claimed he was assaulted by gardaí at a peaceful protest, held last week near Aughoose, the site of the latest phase of the controversial Corrib gas project. Paul Murphy said he was in ‘excruciating pain’ after he was poked in the ribs and that his left ear was twisted repeatedly by a garda.

Posted Date: 
30 August 2011

Daily Protests in Mayo, Numbers Building

j debender - Rossport Solidarity Camp - Indymedia

Actions are constant, sometimes 3 or 4 in a day

Between lock-ons, mass trespasses, lorry climbing and a breach of security at Shell's refinery, this week brought a lot of people out protesting. Locals who haven't been out on the roads in years have come out this week, and momentum is building.


Posted Date: 
27 August 2011

Bad politics behind great oil and gas giveaway

Fintan O'Toole - Irish Times

OUR CHILDREN and grandchildren will see us as a weak and inept generation.

They will wonder how we blew the boom, why we put €30 billion into Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide, how we gave up our economic sovereignty without much of a fight. They will feel bitterness at the way we pushed them, as children, to the top of the queue for so-called austerity.

And unless we act now, that bitterness will turn to contempt. They will hate us for the way, as well as leaving them with a legacy of unpayable debt, we also gave away something that might have been of real use to them, the chance to use our natural gas and oil resources for their benefit.

I’m returning to this issue because it seems to me to be a touchstone for our entire political culture. We can use it to address three big questions: have we learned anything? Is there really a shift in the way we do politics? And have we any capacity for the kind of radical thinking we need?

Posted Date: 
23 August 2011
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