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Shell, IRMS & Gardaí move into Glengad

Rossport Solidarity Camp - Indymedia

Shell begins work on Landfall Valve Installation.

Yesterday morning residents of Aghoos, Pollathomas and Glengad were woken by a convoy of heavy vehicles heading in the direction of Glengad. One person drove down to Glengad to see what was happening. At about 7.20am he was stopped by a Garda in Glengad who said the road is blocked. When asked who was blocking the road the Garda said “the Shell boys are doing a bit of work”.

Gardaí and IRMS working hand in hand
Gardaí and IRMS working hand in hand

Posted Date: 
7 February 2012

News release: Shell announces 54% increase in profits to €21.8 billion

News release -Issued by Shell to Sea - Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

-- Company enjoyed €12.7 million tax credit in Ireland in 2011--

Shell today announced profits of €21.8 billion for 2011, which represents a 54% increase on the €14.1 billion they made in 2010. Despite the global slowdown, increased oil prices are given as the reason for Shell's increased profits.[1] 

Day Trip To Bangor


Many of us will have heard of Shell to Sea and Rossport Solidarity Camp by now. We have seen fleeting glimpses of this proud community and their fight to safeguard their health, safety, livelihood and environment. We have seen stories of decent local people being jailed for refusing to cooperate with the destruction of their community. We have heard accusations and counter accusations regarding the sinking of a fishing trawler and stolen diesel. We have seen Micheal D Higgins, later to become our proud president, praising the actions of this campaign as essential to democracy. Less than a week later we saw the infamous baton charge by hoodlum gardai against peaceful demonstrators trying to protect their community and more recently, the threats, by gardai, to rape members of the camp.

I was shocked to realise that this struggle has been going on for eleven years.

Having read an article recently on regarding an environmental disaster involving the release of untreated effluent into the bay and breaches in building regulations at the Shell compound in mayo, I was moved to join them in their struggle. I had heard about a day of Solidarity that is a regular thing at the camp, and decided to go to the beautiful county of Mayo to offer my support.

Posted Date: 
17 January 2012

Shell's tree cutting disrupted for second day running

JC - RSC - Indymedia

Disruption to the felling of the Coillte woodland for Shell's planned onshore pipeline (along with the stopping of haulage trucks to the Aughoose compound), continued today as protestors intercepted a specialist 8-track tree felling machine between the Aughoose tunnelling compound and Leenamore forest.

  Truck & tree-cutter
Truck & tree-cutter - (and protestor on the arm!!!)

Posted Date: 
11 January 2012

First Shell blocking of the New Year

C - RSC - Indymedia

Yesterday saw the first disruption of Shell's work of the New Year with a quickly organised protest called for 10am outside Bellanaboy. Overall Shell's work yesterday was stopped for 2 hours and in a further protest today (Saturday), work was stopped for a further 2 & 1/2 hours.


Posted Date: 
7 January 2012
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