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Corrib clashes escalate as final phase begins

Áine Ryan - Mayo News

AS Shell begins construction work on the final phase of the controversial Corrib gas project clashes between protestors and IRMS (Integrated Risk Management Services) personnel continued yesterday with a lone man, suspended from a 20-foot high tripod, impeding work from shortly after dawn until lunchtime. The tri-pod was situated along the public road to Aughoose from the Bellanaboy refinery site.

Posted Date: 
26 July 2011

Shell Starts Work on Onshore Pipeline for Corrib Gas Project

j debender - Rossport Solidarity Camp

Come up to Mayo!

Friday 22nd July Shell brought a digger and a port-a-cabin into the existing temporary compound in Aughoose. This is in preparation to start building a permanent compound in Aughoose from which they hope to start digging the tunnel for the pipeline which will connect Ballinaboy refinery to the 70 kms of offshore pipeline. They will come in full force on Monday 25th July, please come up to Mayo and show your support! A mass day of action is planned for Friday 29th July, but come up any time.

IRMS blocking public road

Posted Date: 
23 July 2011

Mayo County Council steal caravan from Rossport Solidarity Camp at 3am

Rossport Solidarity Camp

Press release - Issued by Rossport Solidarity Camp Thursday 21st July 2011 – 1pm


Early Thursday morning at 3am Mayo County Council illegally removed a caravan from private property in Aughoose, opposite Shell's temporary compound. People from the Rossport Solidarity Camp were woken by the noise and ran down to the road in pyjamas to find their caravan being loaded onto a flatbed trailer. The gardaí present said to "take it up with the County Council" if there was a problem. When questioned as to why they were doing it at 3am if the removal of the caravan was lawful, there was no response.

Posted Date: 
21 July 2011

Justin Keating - Former Labour Party Energy minister

The Pipe The Film

Former Energy minister Jusin Keating on the states position, past and present, on Oil & Gas licensing.

Posted Date: 
19 July 2011

Corrib will raise the price of gas

Press release - Issued by Shell to Sea - 12/07/2011

Energy price rise "very likely" due to Corrib - Energy Regulator

Shell to Sea has re-iterated its call to renegotiate the terms of the Great Oil and Gas Giveaway as the Commission for Energy Regulation admits that energy price rises would be ‘very likely’ if the Corrib field comes ashore.

The CER warned in a paper published on Sunday that a new source such as Corrib would reduce interconnector bookings for imported gas. Falling interconnector bookings would in turn significantly affect the interconnector subsidy paid to Bord Gáis, as ‘‘the lower the bookings go, the higher the tariff goes in return’’. The paper also said that ‘‘any increase [in the tariff] would allow producers to price up’’ their gas to consumers, allowing gas companies to ‘‘gain further margins, thus putting an even bigger burden on the final customers’’.

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