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An Taisce calls on ESRI to focus more on the 'Research'!

An Taisce
Charles Stanley-Smith Chair of An Taisce, the National Trust for Ireland was deeply critical of calls by the ESRI's John FitzGerald for Corrib gas to come on-stream in order to address energy security for Ireland.
Posted Date: 
29 April 2011

May Day! May Day! Rossport Solidarity Camp Summer Gathering Sat 30 April - Mon 2nd May

Rossport Solidarity Camp

Come up to the Rossport Solidarity Camp Summer Gathering for the May Bank Holiday weekend to see for yourself what's at stake and learn more about the campaign. 

The injustice faced by the community here is symbolic of the corruption and problems faced by people all over Ireland.


Posted Date: 
25 April 2011

Just how bad is Ireland's Oil & Gas Deal

(Johnston 2008)

A 2008 study of forty five international fiscal systems [1] by petroleum consultant Daniel Johnston shows that Ireland has the lowest returns from its gas and oil of all the countries studied. Ireland’s returns are half of US and UK and less that one third of Norway.

Posted Date: 
21 April 2011

The Norwegian oil experience: a toolbox for managing natural resources?

Laurence Cox - Irish Left Review

What can Ireland learn from Norway about how to deal with the energy multinationals and how to use natural resources for the good of all?

Norway is often seen as a model example of how to manage natural resources such as oil and gas for the benefit of the whole society rather than the profit of a few. From a relatively marginal European country, which only became independent in the early twentieth century, Norway has become a leading welfare state and one of the world's less unequal societies.

Posted Date: 
14 April 2011

Norwegian Newspaper: Statoil in a brutal conflict in Ireland


Front Page: Statoil in a brutal conflict in Ireland

[This is a rough translation only]

Foreign investment: In a revealing recording Irish policemen joke about raping environmental activists. This has further polarised the conflict about bringing gas from the Corrib field onshore. Opponents have made 111 complaints about police brutality. Statoil owns about a third of the field, where Shell is the operator. Pages 28 and 29.

Posted Date: 
16 April 2011
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