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Press Release: No state regulation for Shell once again

[Shell to Sea]  RTE are continuing their policy of silencing local people's voice and instead have Minister Michael Ring speaking about peoples safety concerns.  It is a way too late for him to be acting concerned about safety as he abandoned the people of Kilcommon in our campaign on the safety of the project that was forced on the community by a corrupt state. In 2005 when the Rossport 5 were in jail Michael Ring stated at a rally in Castlebar that if necessary he would go to jail to stop this project. Obviously the big boys and girls in Fine Gael had a word in his ear because he went silent from that day on.

News Release - Issued by Shell to Sea - Sept 22nd, 2017 - For immediate release

--   Shell's  incompetence puts lives in danger all over Mayo and Galway. --

Following Shell's latest fiasco of putting odourless gas into the Irish gas network, Shell to Sea has again highlighted the lack of regulation and monitoring of Shell in relation to the Corrib Gas project.  [1,2]


Picture of Bellanaboy flaring taken from Elly Bay - Fergus Mac Suibhne

Homeowners in Galway and Mayo told to switch off their gas

Lorna Siggins - Irish Times

Gas Networks Ireland warns customers after odourless gas pumped into system from Corrib

Natural gas customers in two western counties have been urged to turn off their supplies after odourless gas was pumped into the system from the Corrib gas refinery.

Picture of Bellanaboy flaring taken from Enniscrone over 70km away

Gas Networks Ireland has advised customers in Galway and Mayo to switch off supplies at the gas meter box until further notice.

Posted Date: 
21 September 2017

You can’t sort out Garda without sorting out Department of Justice

Denis Bradley - Irish Times

It must be established and made clear who is responsible for overseeing policing

The first woman Garda commissioner has walked or been driven from the field of play. Shame! I have no idea if she was a good or a poor commissioner. I don’t know if she was a reformer who tried to implement better practice and management, but, as she wrote in her retirement announcement, was so busy fire-fighting that she couldn’t get the job done.

I do know that losing two commissioners in a short few years is a big deal for the Garda and for the country.

It is important to state that the core problem was not Nóirín O Sullivan, and that the solution should not be reduced to a simplistic debate about an outsider and the salary that the job will attract in the future.

It might be helpful, however, to name the source that was most proactive in resisting necessary and overdue change, and whose influence should now and in the future be reduced. And that is the Department of Justice.

Posted Date: 
12 September 2017

Corrib firm doesn’t expect to pay tax for some time

Gordon Deegan - Irish Examiner

The new operator of Corrib Gas field has told investors it doesn’t expect to pay tax from profits on the project “for the foreseeable future”.



Last month, Shell Ireland disposed of its shareholding in the project to the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board in a deal worth just over €1bn.

Posted Date: 
15 August 2017

Plans to bring LNG from Texas to Cork

RTE News

[Shell to Sea] A Texan company NextDecade has plans to bring LNG from Texas to the Port of Cork.  John Mullens, Chairman of the Port of Cork (formerly CEO of Bord Gais) had a interesting interview on RTE today.  In the interview he stated how there is no reason why Irish interconnectors couldn't be reversed to send gas from Ireland to England or Europe.  That this was a possibility was repeatedly denied by the Dept of Energy and Shell for many years in relation to Corrib.

Question RTE:  "If they (LNG suppliers NextDecade) link up to the Irish Gas Network, in effect they have access to the entire European network, is that correct, to sell their product on?"

John Mullens: "That's absolutely correct, there is no reason why one of the interconnectors coming in to Loughshinny could not be reversed and the combination of Corrib and this new gas source actually could supply Lancashire and Yorkshire and nearer mainland .. em ..em .. nearer Britain"

Posted Date: 
2 August 2017
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