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IRMS continue to assault Corrib campaigners on public roads

Gardaí look on as Shell security continue to use unlawful force on peaceful protestors 

On Thursday last, the 15th September, Shell's private security force, IRMS continued their practice of using force on the public road as they see fit. Once again the Gardaí sat close by and witnessed this unlawful use of force by IRMS and allowed it to continue unimpeded.

IRMS hauling campaigners across a public road
IRMS hauling campaigners across a public road

Press Release: Belmullet court today filled with 17 Shell to Sea campaigners

Defiant mood as defendants arrive early to blockade Shell offices

At 8am this morning 25 people blockaded Shell's office in Belmullet, Co. Mayo, 17 of whom are due in Belmullet district court this morning facing charges for protesting against Shell's Corrib Gas Project. Most of the cases are to do with blocking the road Shell uses for transporting equipment and making deliveries to their tunnelling compound under construction in Aughoose.

Shell to Sea - Day of Action 23rd September

All are welcome to the day of mass action against Shell. It will be going on all day, starting 7am. There will be some music entertainment in the evening as well. If you cannot make it, you can still help by printing off the A4 posters below and putting them up where you live. If you want A3 versions, please get in touch.

As part of this call out there is also an inspiring video montage of some of the many actions that have taken place over 2011 - see below.

Direct action montage, Mayo 2011.  

Posted Date: 
9 September 2011

Rabbitte adopting a short-sighted approach to offshore oil and gas resources

Colm Rapple - Irish Mail on Sunday

Labour minister Pat Rabbitte is doggedly going ahead with his intention to grant more offshore exploration licences on the basis of the flawed objective of encouraging more exploration activity. It’s flawed because the real aim should be to get the maximum return for the Irish people from their natural resources. Some exploration is necessary to achieve that result but maximising exploration won’t necessarily maximise the return.

2006 - Pat Rabbitte presenting Vincent McGrath & the people of Rossport with a collection of Michael Davitt's prison notes

Posted Date: 
7 September 2011

"You are entitled to be a citizen but not here" - YouTube Video of IRMS assaults


Shell's private security force IRMS assault peaceful protestors on the public road outside the new SHell compound at Aughoose, Co Mayo. The Gardaí don't want to know about it.

At the end of this clip, while pushing the camera person across the road , Garda RL83 basically summed up the Garda policy in the area since Shell have arrived - "You are entitled to be a citizen but not here"


Posted Date: 
4 September 2011
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