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Our oil and gas might as well be off the coast of Brazil for all the good it will do us

William Hederman - Irish Daily Mail

 Comment piece by William Hederman published in today’s Irish Daily Mail (10 September 2012)

The dogs in the street now understand that Ireland’s share of revenue from our oil and gas fields is set to be pitifully small, thanks to terms handed down by Ray Burke. It’s no longer just campaigners who want change. In May an Oireachtas committee with a majority of Government TDs issued a report calling for the terms to be radically overhauled.

The oil companies are desperate to maintain the status quo. They defend their corner mainly by portraying our offshore as a lonely wasteland, where exploration is almost non-existent and where finding oil or gas is but a remote possibility. Our “attractive” terms (the world’s most generous to the oil companies) must be maintained until Ireland is a “proven territory”, they insist.

Posted Date: 
14 September 2012

This is our oil, so let's demand a fair share

Irish Daily Mail Editorial - 10th September 2012

It has long been acknowleged that the exploration deal former minister Ray Burke struck with the oil companies in 1992 was exraordinarily - even obscenely - generous.

There was always, however, what appeared to be a fairly compelling argumentin favour of such generosity: the slim chance of anyone ever making a commercial discovery off the Irish coast. Only by offering such generous terms, we have repeatedly been told by every energy minister since Mr Burke, including most recently Pat Rabbitte, could we ever intice the roustabouts into Irish waters.

Posted Date: 
13 September 2012

Irish Supplier Accuses Shell of Bribery, Cover-up and Sinister Threats

John Donovan -

Printed below is a leaked email to a Shell EP Ireland manager, Mr Brian Foley, sent by a thoroughly disenchanted local supplier to the Corrib Gas Project in Ireland, an enterprise dogged by controversy.

This includes several months imprisonment of local landowners, the Rossport Five and a hunger-strike by another jailed campaigner, the retired school principal, Maura Harrington, the current spokesperson for the Shell to Sea campaign.

Two sources have confirmed the authenticity of the email, which makes serious allegations that seem to have drawn several Shell officials, mangers and executives into the story, including the Chief Executive Officer of Shell EP Ireland, Mr Michael Crothers.

Posted Date: 
10 September 2012

1,600 billion - Massive scale of oil giveaway revealed in Shell to Sea report


€1,600 billion. That is the figure for Irish Oil & Gas reserves already licensed revealed this morning in a detailed report from Shell to Sea using the energy corporations own reports and estimates. People in Ireland will see almost no benefits from this incredible wealth because the Irish state gives these reserves to the corporations at the cheapest terms in the world.

Posted Date: 
11 September 2012

News release: Devastating report exposes State's mismanagement of oil & gas resources

News release - Issued by Dublin Shell to Sea - Monday 10th September 2012

-- Research reveals company estimates of 21 billion barrels in licensed areas -- 

Oil and gas under the areas of Ireland’s seabed already licensed to private companies is worth more than €1,600 billion (€1.6 trillion), according to the companies’ own estimates. The figure is contained in a groundbreaking new report that reveals a more complete picture of the extent of exploration in Irish territory and exposes the State’s failure to effectively manage Ireland’s natural resources. 

The research is presented in the form of a map and tables in a major new guide to the issues, ‘Liquid Assets’, published by the Dublin Shell to Sea campaign and launched today (Monday 10 September) by Paul Murphy MEP. 

By trawling through figures published by oil exploration companies, researchers compiled companies' estimates for a total of 69 different discoveries, “prospects” and other areas licensed for oil and gas exploration. The combined total of those company estimates is 20,964 million barrels of oil equivalent (of oil or gas), worth €1,600 billion at today’s prices. 

Paul Murphy MEP said: “This devastating report exposes the State’s utter failure to manage Ireland’s natural resources on behalf of people in Ireland. Not only ownership, but also control of Ireland’s oil and gas is being handed over to private corporations.” 

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