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Hundreds of Garda deployed to protect Shell's machine from the people of Ireland


[Shell to Sea]  Shell to Sea will be holding a protest in Ballina tonight from 9pm, meeting at Dunne Stores, to protest against the Tunnelling Machine and the occupation of Mayo by corporate interests. All welcome.

A huge secretive Garda security operation last night swung into operation in Dublin Port as Shell's Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) left the port as part of a huge convoy of Garda vehicles.  News of the operation had leaked at the last minute meaning that with only an hours notice a handful of Shell to Sea campaigners managed to get down to the port entrance despite the pouring rain.  Most of us were pulled over and questioned by Garda at least once and the Garda helicopter stayed overhead as various Garda vehicles including a van load of riot cops with the door open drove past us repeatedly.

Posted Date: 
30 July 2012

Tunnelling Machine on route to Mayo

Rossport Solidarity Camp

The TBM has been sighted at Dublin docks tonight (Sun) in three trucks, and is allegedly setting off towards Rossport this evening.

TBM leaving Dublin Port

Shell to Sea are calling for anyone available tonight and over the next couple of days, to delay the transporters and/or follow the convoy and let the camp know the route or if you have any related info. Preferably phone the camp mobile on 0851141170, or else email

Posted Date: 
29 July 2012

News Release: Rabbitte's betrayal further exposed by Providence's 1.6 bn barrel oil find

The recent announcement that the Barryroe field off Cork could contain up to 1.6 billion barrels of oil, further exposes Pat Rabbittes' betrayal of Irish interests with his oil and gas policy.

In a direct contradiction of Minister Pat Rabbitte's previous statements, a recent cross-party Oireachtas committee found that the current oil and gas terms are much too generous to the oil companies and the tax rate on finds should be raised by up to another 55%.  Last year Pat Rabbitte disgracefully issued exploration licences for 250,000 sq km off the Irish coast, despite the pending Oireachtas committee report, and just as Providence was embarking on what it termed the "the largest co-ordinated multi-basin drilling carried out offshore Ireland"[1]

Drillers to earn €53bn from Irish oil find

Helen Bruce - Irish Daily Mail

But experts say State may not get a cent

Drillers could pocket €53billion from a new find of 1.6billion barrels of oil off the coast of Cork - but the Irish taxpayer may have to wait years to even see a cent of it.

Yesterday, politicians and economists called for an overhaul of current policy - which means Ireland has no stake in its natural resources and can only hope to regain a fraction of its worth via taxation.

The international tax average is 68 per cent, but Ireland's tax term means we could only net between 25 per cent and 40 per cent of the value of the oil bonanza, which at current crude oil prices would be worth between €13billion and €21billion.

Experts warn that exploration companies need only pay tax once they show an operating property, and that they can first write off all their costs of exploration in Irish waters and of developing the oil field.

 A cross party Oireachtas committee has recently proposed raising the tax take from large oil and gas finds up to 80 per cent of profits, which would se the Barryroe oil field contribute €42.4billion to the Irish economy.

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27 July 2012

Friday the 13th Day of Solidarity

Rossport Solidarity Camp - Indymedia

Shell's haulage was repeatedly stopped by protesters from Rossport Solidarity Camp during today’s day of solidarity with the community in Erris under siege from the imposition of the Corrib gas project. There were three actions at different locations along Shell's haulage route between Aughoose and Bangor Erris, which resulted in a significant disruption to the haulage. The actions were also in solidarity with the reclaim the Land action against open cast coal mining in Scotland planned for tomorrow.

lorry occupied
lorry occupied

Posted Date: 
16 July 2012
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