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Ignorance, avoidance, distortion – media coverage of the Corrib gas project has failed

Harry Browne -

The Irish media has failed to properly report on the local community’s resistance to Shell in Mayo. The reason? Journalism has fewer and fewer resources to filter the truth from the propaganda, Harry Browne writes.

The basic reason is pretty simple: they’ve got more and more resources (money, time, people) to push the corporate or government line, and we’ve got fewer and fewer with which to filter out the truth from the propaganda.

And when PR people are good and do their job really well, they get the ears of our bosses and make our jobs even harder.

That’s what happened to Betty Purcell, a TV producer who recently took early retirement from RTE after many years in charge of programmes including Questions & Answers and The View. In 2009 she tried to make a short human-interest documentary in RTE’s quasi-religious slot Would You Believe? about Willie and Mary Corduff, residents of Rossport, Co Mayo, who stopped Shell from running a gas pipeline through their land.

“One day the director Geraldine Creed and the reporter Mick Peelo got a call saying that a Shell PR man was in the RTE canteen and would they go down and talk to him,” Purcell recalled. He tried to persuade Purcell’s team to drop or change the programme.

The programme got made only after its dedicated makers jumped through a unique and time-consuming series of management hoops – and RTE broke up the team soon after.

Posted Date: 
25 January 2014

Clare Daly: Who Polices the Police?

Rossport Solidarity Camp - YouTube

Today, a Garda whistleblower is due to give evidence to the Public Accounts Committee. 

In the video below Clare Daly explains how their involvement with the Garda whistleblowers stemmed from the Corrib protests.  Clare Daly also speaks about the need "to have a complete and utter overhaul of the Garda Siochana"

"Our involvment with the Garda whistleblowers in this case actually started as a result of the protests here and in Corrib"    

"What is at the heart of the penalty points issue ...  It was never about a bit of discretion ...What was at stake here really was systemic abuses, multiple terminations for privileged people, and that's really what it was, one law for connected people and one for everybody else."

Clare Daly speaking at the Peoples' Forum entitled "Who Polices the Police?" on the 23rd November 2013 in Inver Community Centre. Here she discusses breaking the penalty points scandal, the Garda whistleblowers and their connection to Corrib.

Posted Date: 
23 January 2014

Watch 'Airing Erris: The Media and Shell Corrib'

Richie O' Donnell - SeabedIRL

Posted Date: 
20 January 2014

Summary of Belmullet December Court including the visit of Shell Santa

Court Reporter - Indymedia

Recently appointed Judge Faughnan presided over this month's district court session at Belmullet. Two Shell to Sea related cases were finalised resulting in one campaigner avoiding conviction by receiving the benefit of the probation act and another - local Shell to Sea spokesperson Terence Conway - being convicted and fined E200.
When the Belmullet District court session opened on Wednesday morning there were seven campaigners due to appear in court on charges arising from the ongoing imposition of, and protest against, the Shell Corrib gas project in North West Mayo.
Shell Santa also made an appearance at court bearing gifts of alcohol but the Gardaí didn't seem too happy for him to visit them in such a public setting. 


Posted Date: 
17 December 2013

Press Release: Shell to Sea attend "Justice 4 All" protest in Limerick

News release - Issued by Shell to Sea - Monday 16th December 2013

A group from Shell to Sea - Erris travelled to Limerick on Friday 13th December to attend a Justice 4 All protest outside Henry Street police station.  This was a follow-on from the recent Peoples' Forum - "Who Polices the Police?", which was addressed among others by Mick Wallace TD and Clare Daly TD [1].

John Wilson, one of the two garda whistleblowers, who raised the penalty points scandal addressed the protest and castigated both the Commissioner Martin Callinan and Minister for Justice Alan Shatter saying that the force, as found by the Smithwick tribunal, still places loyalty above honesty [2].

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