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You are entitled to freedom of expression – but not near the Shell Refinery in Ballinaboy!!

Two of the disappeared signs

In 2007 the local community opposed to Shell’s Corrib Gas Project erected 9 crosses  in memory of the Ogoni 9 and highlighting the struggle for a clean environment, proper management of natural resources and respect for our human rights  that connects the two communities.

The place was then blessed by a Nigerian clergyman and by th local Parish Priest.

A number of signs were also carefully positioned there as to not interfere with road safety or the environment but highlighting the ongoing ecological and economical  destruction, the injustices and the breaches of citizen’s rights that are happening here.

But these signs must have interfered with the conscience of some people. In an act of vandalism and censorship the signs which have been in place for years, were taken last week, coinciding with the expected of visits from dignitaries and the media which are being organised by Shell’s PR team.

As the area is under 24 hour CCTV surveillance by Shell, the company is in possession of information of the disappearance and whereabouts of our signs.

To arrange for them being returned  please contact 086 086 6264 or use the shelltosea website contact form.

Today the site around the crosses has been provisionally reinstated by local residents. 

Posted Date: 
13 October 2015