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TV Documentary Sheds New Light on Death of Ex-Corrib Security Guard in Bolivia

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Richie O'Donnell has a new documentary on the death of Michael Dwyer in Bolvia it is airing on Al Jazeera and Sky digital channel 514  on Wed 3rd Apr, at 10.30PM.

A documentary by an award- winning Mayo filmmaker examines the death of Irishman Michael Dwyer after he was caught up in an alleged plot to assassinate the Bolivian President and the suspected operation links to the private security firm employed on the Corrib Gas project.

 Inver resident Risteard O' Domhnaill's documentary 'BolivianEscapades' airs on AlJazeera on Wednesday, 3rd April at 10.30pm.

Risteard, the man behind the award winning film 'The Pipe' chronicles the shaowdy events leading up to the death of Tipperary man  Dwyer and the many unanswered questions that remain.

Michael Dwyer was shot dead by Bolivian police in a Santa Cruz hotel room on April 19th 2009. Bolivian authrities claimed he was part of an alleged plot to assassinate the country's left- wing president Evo Morales. Repeated calls for a full enquiry by the Dwyer family into the circumstances of their son's death remain unheaded.

The former bouncer wasworking as a security gard at the Corrib Gas terminal for private security firm IRMS when he was recruited for the Bolivian escapade by a fellow security gard with extreme political views. Hungarian fascist Tibor Revesz was the head of a far right group known as the 'Szeklar Legion'. The former soldier ran his own security courses while working for IRMS in Mayo charging thousands of Euro to the likes of Michael Dwyer for small arms training.

Posted Date: 
3 April 2013