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The truth about OSSL allegations

John Donovan -

OSSL, the former Mr Fixit company for Shell EP Ireland, distributed sweeteners (bribes) on behalf of Shell to various parties to ease the tortuously slow progress of the controversial Corrib Gas Project.

The lucky recipients included a senior Irish Police Officer, Detective Chief Superintendent John Gilligan (

OSSL has now supplied me with evidence confirming that their allegations against Shell are true.

The evidence comes from a person of high repute personally present when senior  representatives of Shell, including the Managing Director of Shell EP Ireland. Michael Crothers, carried out repeated negotiations in an attempt to agree a settlement of monies owed to OSSL for buying the sweeteners on Shell’s behalf, including alcohol.  

Why on earth would Shell negotiate a settlement of goods which never existed?

Given what he knows, it is appalling that Michael Crothers has allowed Shell to issue a series of press statements designed to deceive the public and cover-up the truth. 

I gave the name and contact information for the relevant witness to Johan Groenewald, the person from the Ombudsmans Commission supposedly tasked with carrying out a full investigation. I supplied him with related documentary evidence.

Mr Groenewald never even bothered to contact this important witness to highly material events. Groenewald eventually issued a verdict that there was no evidence to support OSSL allegations. The fact of the matter is that he never even bothered to look for it. 

It is perfectly plain from this covertly obtained digital evidence that this professional person of high repute is independent of OSSL and will only tell the truth.

The truth is damning for Shell, the Garda, The Ombudsman Commission and the Irish Justice Ministry. 

I am not the only party in possession of the evidence in question. 

At the last Royal Dutch Shell AGM the CEO, Ben van Beurden and the Chairman, Jorma Ollila, publicly discussed these matters with OSSL director Desmond Kane and promised to arrange a meeting with the objective of find a happy solution, so that the scandal  would not need to be raised at the next AGM.

Ben van Beurden and Jorma Ollila agree OSSL meeting to achieve ‘a happy conclusion’

Thus far, Shell has not honoured that pledge. 

I have no interest in the outcome of any such meeting, other than Shell facing up to the truth and abiding by its own claimed core business principles of honesty, integrity and transparency – all missing from Shell’s actions thus far. 

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Posted Date: 
2 September 2014