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That's a big truck causing hassle in Mayo

Mark O'Toole -

Shell are being accused of causing more hassle in Mayo as a 160 tonne truck causes traffic mayhem in the West.

A massive Shell drilling machine (seen in the video above arriving into Dublin) was shipped into the country two days ago. Under Garda escort the 160 tonne vehicle was driven all the way to Mayo to work on the controversial Corrib gas line.

Upon its arrival the 131foot long machine jack-knifed on the road and is now sinking into a bog, with no cranes in the country capable of lifting it to safety.

Today campaigners have accused the efforts to remove the truck as farcical, despite a statement from Shell that says efforts are ongoing to find a solution to the problem.

It is reported in the Evening Echo that part of a damaged road is to blame as it had fallen into the bog and a broken pipe had caused flooding leading to the truck's entrapment.

Terence Conway, from the Shell to Sea campaign group was naturally extremely critical of Shell’s actions today claiming that the truck was causing disruption to traffic,

"It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the incompetence of Shell and their inability to plan even a relatively simple thing, like driving a truck into a town.. it will be a case of 'beam me up Scotty' if that thing is going to go anywhere.

“It's absolutely ridiculous, completely farcical."

Four people were arrested by gardaí yesterday as a convoy of specialist equipment made its way from Dublin to North Mayo.

Posted Date: 
3 August 2012