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Speculating the Emerald Isle

BBC Radio 4

[Shell to Sea] Although this half hour show on BBC Radio 4 gives more time to pro-oil company views than the counter point of view, it is still a most informative piece of radio.  Why does it take the BBC to come over and discuss Irish natural resources?

Take a trip around the island of Ireland, to the most picturesque spots: Rathlin Island on the north coast, near the Giant's Causeway; Kerry on the west; south, through Cork; and to the east to Dublin and the exclusive residence of Dalkey. What each of these stunningly beautiful spots have in common is that they are being explored. Not just by tourists though. Oil speculators are on the scene. Could this oil 'bonanza' be the answer to Ireland's economic problems and if so, who will benefit? And at what cost? BBC Ireland reporter Andy Martin investigates.

Posted Date: 
16 March 2013