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Shell to Sea vows to continue resisting onshore pipeline

Opposition to Shell’s inland refinery and high-pressure onshore pipeline will continue and escalate, the Shell to Sea campaign said today.

The campaign was reacting to today’s news that An Bord Pleanala has granted permission to Shell to lay the onshore pipeline carrying raw gas through the areas of Glengad, Pollathomais, Aughoose, Leenamore and Bellanaboy.

Shell to Sea spokesperson Terence Conway said:
“An Bord Pleanala commented in their report that this decision would benefit the people of Mayo and Ireland. However, the only people to benefit from this decision will be the shareholders of Shell, Statoil and Vermillion. The Government’s own estimates are that there is at least €600 billion worth of oil and gas off Ireland’s coast, but it seems hell-bent on ensuring none of the benefits go the Irish people.”

Mr Conway continued:
“An Bord Pleanala recommends that Shell create an €8.5 million community fund. The board still seems to to think our community can be bribed into accepting a project that places us in danger. This bribery fund would also be fully tax deductible for Shell under Ireland’s current oil and gas exploration licensing terms.”

Finally Mr Conway added
"In November 2009, An Bord Pleanala turned from adjudicator into co-designers of this project, so it's no surprise they approved the suggestion they made to Shell.  Of course protests will continue and given the current economic situation we see our support growing everyday”

Shell's foreshore licence to construct the tunnel through Sruwaddacon estuary is still before Green Party Minister John Gormley.

For further information or verification please contact:
Terence Conway
Maura Harrington

Shell to Sea is a national campaign with active groups based across Ireland. The Shell to Sea campaign has three main aims.
1) To have the Corrib gas field exploited in a safe way that will not expose the local community in Erris to unnecessary health, safety and environmental risks.
2) To renegotiate the terms of the Great Oil and Gas Giveaway, which sees Ireland’s 10 billion barrels of oil equivalent* off the West Coast go directly to the oil companies, with the Irish State retaining a 0% share, no energy security of supply and only 25% tax on profits against which all costs can be deducted.
3) To seek justice for the human rights abuses suffered by Shell to Sea campaigners due to their opposition to Shell’s proposed inland refinery.