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The Shell Corruption Scandal in Ireland

John Donovan -

An unsolicited comment received from Ed Vulliamy on the article/email entitled Shell sponsored Corruption of the Garda 

“This far down the line, until Gilligan and the other police officers and Shell employees named are interviewed in depth, and make public, clearly worded and outright denials that NO alcohol was delivered at ANY time at Shell’s bequest – and accuse OSSL of total fabrication – we shall reasonably take OSSL’s account to be the truth. The police and Shell have had years to issue forthright denials, but have not, preferring instead convoluted constructions and the language of corporate public relations. We have meanwhile become aware of some compelling visual evidence. Their silence speaks for itself.”

Ed Vulliamy is the Senior International Correspondent of The Observer newspaper, the author of the article “Strange tale of Shell’s pipeline battle, the Gardaí and £30,000 of booze” and  his most recent book “America: War Along the Borderline

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Posted Date: 
26 November 2013