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Shell Corrib protesterMaura Harrington jailed again

John Donovan - Royal Dutch Shell

Maura Harrington, a local Shell to Sea campaigner was arrested on her way home yesterday from a funeral in Mayo, and taken to prison for refusing to pay fines relating to ‘offences’ while engaged in protests against Shell’s experimental raw gas pipeline and inland refinery.

Shell to Sea is a campaign based in Erris, County Mayo, Ireland which opposes the construction of a natural gas pipeline through Rossport, and also opposes the ongoing construction by Royal Dutch Shell, Statoil and Marathon Oil of a refinery at Bellanaboy intended to refine the natural gas from the Corrib gas field. The stated aim of the campaign is that the gas be refined at sea, rather than inland, as is done with Ireland’s only other producing gas field off County Cork. They maintain the proximity of a natural gas pipeline is a risk to local residents.