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Shell apologises for excessive noise levels during onshore pipeline works

Mayo Advertiser

Noise limits set down in the planning conditions of the Corrib offshore pipline project were exceeded, according to a statement issued by Shell E&P.

The breach of conditions occurred between May 30 and June 9 during the dewatering of the offshore pipline.

According to the company these are the first noise limit violations experienced on the pipeline project, which has been under construction for more than one year.

“SEPIL regrets and apologises for these breaches and any impact they may have had on local residents,” a statement issued by the company read.

The daytime limit for all works on the pipeline project is 65 decibels (dB) at the nearest dwelling, a noise level which is mid-way between the noise emitted during conversational speech (60dB) and that of a household bathroom shower (70dB). There were breaches on June 3 and 4 for limited periods, which were one to two decibels above the 65dB limit. There was no night work and consequently no elevated noise levels between 8pm and 7am.

The company has advised that following a detailed investigation and engagement with the regulators, additional measures have been put in place to avoid a recurrence. These include ensuring more extensive corrective action will be taken in future if noise levels approach the limit.

“SEPIL is committed to full compliance with all of the strict limits set down for the project and will strive to ensure that our excellent record to date is maintained between now and project completion,” the statement concluded.

Posted Date: 
3 August 2012